Waterers: livestock and animal waterers are all at Barn World

Livestock waterers are important for keeping your animals for health and weight gain.   Barn World has a wide selection of livestock waters for all you animal waterer needs.

BIGspring - ENERGY FREE WATERER - 60 Gallon with heat
BIGspring – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 60 Gallon with heat

The large 60 gallon Big Spring Waterer is a constant-flow watering system ideally suited for free-stall dairy operations and large feedlots. If you raise beef or dairy cows, the BIGspring model is perfect to fit your needs.

LilSpring WATERER - Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)
LilSpring WATERER – Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)

Smaller waterers in the Lil Spring waterer models are ideal for small animals or groups of small animals — such as goats, llamas, ponies, horses, and many others. Lil’Spring models can accomodate multiple pens by installing them in a split-fence application.   We offer them as single or double sided waterer.

MiraFount - ENERGY FREE WATERER - 4 HOLE Removable
MiraFount – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 4 HOLE Removable

Our Energy-Free Waterers:

E-Founts are the most economical electric heat waterers available today. The E-Fount is equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. E-Founts only require 4 kilowatts of electricity during a week of -25 degree F temperatures. This model is ideally suited to operations with just a few animals drinking infrequently or if extreme cold weather conditions are persistent.

We also offer the MiraFount models which are patterned after their first energy-free livestock watering systems, built more than 30 years ago. These small. medium and large capacity watering systems are ideal for beef operations, dairy herds and other livestock.

Hog and Pig Waterers
Hog and Pig Waterers

Hog Waterers

We also have utility Hog Waterers in 80 and 35 gallon sizes.  The hog waterer is:

  • Made of 100% non-porous polyethylene – will not rust, rot or corrode.
  • Confinement pen acids have no effect – waterers last and last.
  • Quick and easy cleaning – no pans or shields to remove from drinker trough.
  • Big hogs drink with ease from 18” wide x 17” high x 9 fl” deep drinkers.
  • Trough height from floor is 6”, so little pigs drink easily.
  • No cracks, corners or crevices to collect sediment or bacteria.
  • Each drinker has a drain plug, so washing and flushing is fast, simple and complete.
  • One dependable float and valve handles both drinkers.
  • Heavy steel-plated chew guard protects trough lip.
  • Gallon capacity calibrations molded into tank wall.
  • Float and valve completely protected from hogs.
  • Remember to keep your animals healthy with a animal waterer from Barn World.  Visit BarnWorld.com for all your livestock equipment needs.


    Handmade cinches from Barn World

    Barn World carries 5 Star cinches for your equestrian cinch needs.  The handmade cinches make them one of our most popular items.

    Handmade equine cinches make the 5 star equine cinchBarn World favorite

    The World’s Finest handmade, all-natural, therapeutic 100% Mohair equine cinchas fit our philosophical position of what is right for horses and mules. Cinch cord is an 8-ply, 100% Mohair cord. The cord is hand laced onto flat buckles and rings. Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort value as 100% wool felt.

    5 Star equine cinches use BORK FLAT BUCKLE HARDWARE, in TUMBLE or POLISHED FINISH. Bork Saddlery Hardware Co. is the finest and oldest saddle hardware company in the United States. The bronze rings and buckles are made of an alloy offering high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The FLAT HARDWARE keeps the horse’s flesh from “rolling over” and pinching as with roller and round hardware.

    All 5 Star cinches are made in the USA.

    Visit BarnWorld.com today for our complete 5Star product line and all of your equine cinch needs.


    Bucket Forks Quickly Attach to your Tractor

    Stop trying to balance a pallet and other loads on your bucket. Get a quality, quick attach pair of bucket forks. They’ll easily pick up pallets, debris and carry most anything with ease. We carry high quality bucket forks in three different load capacities as described below.

    pallet forks on a tractor bucket

    Quick Attach Bucket Fork Clamp

    All of these pallet forks quickly attach to tractor buckets without damaging the bucket itself. The C-clamp pad creates a secure fit without harming your bucket. The design means you don’t need to remove your existing bucket!


    bucket attachment clamp design diagram

    Above is a diagram of how the clamp works. Note there is a support for under the bucket. This helps distribute the weight over a larger area to prevent any bending or buckling. The secure fit means it doesn’t require any chains or binders!

    All of the pallet forks are powder-coated for extra longevity and overall toughness. They’re available in light, medium and heavy duty builds as detailed below.


    Light Duty Pallet Forks

    pallet forks attached to a tractor bucket

    The light duty forks are built for all general type use and work around the farm. They’ll lift up to 1,400 as a pair and weigh approximately 70 pounds. This capacity is great for all types of uses likes moving pallets, rail road ties, logs etc. It’s best for use with machinery that has 25 horse power or less.

    Light Duty Pallet Fork Dimensions

    dimension diagram for the light duty pallet fork

    Light Duty Capacities

    • Total Capaciity:  1,400 pounds
    • Total Weight:  70 pounds
    • Length: Overall 54″ / Working: 39″
    • Forks are 2″ tall
    • Back stop height for 2 x 4’s is 7″
    • Under bucket support reaches 11.25″


    Medium Duty Pallet Forks

    The next set of forks increases lifting capacity to a total of just over a ton at 2,600 pounds. It’s great for use with tractors or loaders in the 35 – 55 horse power range.

    quick attach bucket forks in medium duty

    The individual forks have the same fork height of 2″ and a 4″ width. The pair weigh an impressive 126 pounds and have an overall height of 10.5″ with the 2 x 4 backstop. They feature a long 12.5″ length under the bucket for additional support.

    pallet fork medium duty diagram and dimensions


    Medium Duty Pallet Fork Specifications

    • Lifting Capacity:  2,600 pounds
    • Weight of both forks together:  126 pounds
    • Overall length approximately 58″
    • Working length:  43″
    • Over all height with 2 x 4 backstop:  10.5″
    • Under bucket support:  12.5″

    Heavy Duty Pallet Forks

    These impressive quick attach bucket forks lift an incredible 5,500 pounds. The overall fork measurement is 72″ and they have an extra long working length of 53″!

    The pair of forks weigh a heavy 190 pounds and are built for your toughest and heaviest jobs. They’re also powder-coated in black and include the welded 2×4 backstop to keep your load square and prevent it from falling back into the bucket.

    bucket forks on a loader

    Heavy Duty Pallet Fork SPECIFICATIONS

    • Total Weight is 190 pounds
    • Over length is 72″, working length 53″
    • Under bucket support is 15.25″
    • Individual forks measure 2″ tall by 4″ wide
    • Lifting Capacity is 5,500 pounds!

    heavy duty bucket fork dimension diagram

    These are strong and economical quick-attach pallet forks. All three offer a convenient and secure method of turning your bucket in to a set of pallet forks. They can take the hard work out of hard work!

    We do ship them through out the entire United States. Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like a quote with shipping right to your farm or ranch.

    Barn World | Sales@BarnWorld.com | 720.238.2190



    ATV Cattle Guards for Quick Pasture Access

    You don’t always need a permanent installation to keep your livestock contained. This new design is built for ATV’s to cross through pastures and fence-lines without the use of a gate.

    cattle guard for atvs

    ATV Cattle Guard

    A lot of work around the ranch is done with ATV’s these days. From fencing repairs to rounding up for health checks, the machine is incredibility useful in almost any pasture.

    This cattle guard is built specifically to accommodate the traffic without using a gate. We’ve even made them for golf carts to cross through fenced in lands!


    An ATV resting on a cattle guard crossing

    The picture above shows how simple and straight forward the overall design is. The structural integrity is extremely solid with 1-1/2″ square tubing. The 11 gauge steel is finished in a gray enamel.

    The ramp is 14″ in height and won’t allow all ATV:s to cross. The larger 4-seat version require a slight modification to prevent bottoming out. We lower the height a bit and extend the overall length for the longer wheel base.

    The design for the 2-seat versions is 91″ long and 72″ wide and with the ‘wings’, measures 87″.


    The guard is extremely easy to put in use. It is a free-standing structure and as long as the ground is fairly flat, it can be set in place for immediate use.

    Identify the area in the fencing where you’d like to be able drive your ATV through. Make a cut in the center of the area and pull the fencing back. This makes it easier to prepare the ground once the fence is out of the way.

    It’s important to make sure your installation area is fairly flat to help prevent the crossing from moving when driving over. We’d recommend adding crushed gravel to assist with drainage if there’s a lot of moisture in the area. A buried railroad tie can also help prevent movement and provide a secure anchoring point.

    Once the surface is prepared, simply set the one-piece cattle guard in place and tie your fencing right to the uprights of the crossing.

    Also consider applying a grass killer or weed block under the guard. This will prevent it from becoming overgrown and hiding it from your livestock. You want to keep the rails of the guard prevalent so cattle don’t ‘accidentally’ walk onto it.


    • Square tubing – 1-1/2″ x 11 gauge
    • Overall dimensions: 72″ wide (87″ exterior) X 91″ long
    • The center of the ramp is 14″ in height
    • Finished in gray enamel
    • Available for 4-place ATVs as well

    Pictures of the ATV Cattle Guard

    an atv crossing a cattle guarda cattle guard made for atvs

    Barn World also offers traditional Cattle Guards for highway projects. If you’d like a quote for any type of crossing, please send an email or give us a call and we’ll by happy to send one for your review!

    Sales@BarnWorld.com | 720.238.2190 | Barn World


    Mineral Feeders Keep Your Livestock Healthy

    Mineral feeders should be an important part of your overall animal health program. The nutrients in feed supplements can make all the difference in growth, wellness and weight gains.

    A liquid feeder is a very common livestock feeder but we’d like to take a look at one of the heaviest ground mineral feeders on the market from Sioux Steel below.

    ground mineral feeder with the flap open  

    Details of the Ground Mineral Feeder

    The ground style has been around for decades and so has Sioux Steel. They make a lot of heavy duty livestock equipment and this feeder is one of the toughest on the market. It weighs an impressive 64 pounds and will stand up to year of abuse in the pasture!

    ground mineral feeder with a closed flap

    Mineral Feeder Base

    It features three compartments to hold up to 200 pounds of loose minerals. The base compartment is a large 38″ in diameter. This creates a large footprint to prevent any tipping and a stable eating platform.

    The polyethylene material has a UV-resistant material mixed right in the resin when it’s poured in the mold. It also includes three anchoring points on the exterior. If you have rambunctious animals, these anchoring points will prevent any mischief.

    Mineral Feeder Flap

    The sturdy base is covered by a large 41″ diameter top flap in a 3/8″ thickness. It’s recently been redesigned to take even more abuse than the original feeder. It now includes two poly top washers and one on the bottom. This was done to prevent creasing of the flap near the attachment post.

    The flap may be purchase separately so you don’t need to replace the entire feeder if it ever wears out. See the picture below, it includes the large flap cover, the individual top and bottom washers as well as the connecting hardware.

    mineral feeder flap and hardware

    Note the flap shows the Sioux Steel logo but it’s currently being phase out. New orders may not include the logo.

    Video Review

    Below is a quick video review of the feeder. The feeder is built for everyday use with large herd s. The large and rugged design is extremely durable.

    If you supplement your animal’s feed to make sure they get the nutrients they need, this high capacity flap feeder is for you. It’s a simple, effective and fool-proof design that can be used most anywhere.

    The proven design has been around for decades and will provide an effortless means of keeping your animals supplied with the minerals they need.

    the feeders ship on a pallet and we’re able to ship up to five of them on a single pallet for near the same cost as two or three.  If you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your ranch, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

    Barn World | Sales@BarnWorld.com | 720.238.2190


    Cattle Cube Feeder – Livestock Pasture Feeding Made Easy

    Feeding your cattle from the safety of your truck is made effortless with this cattle cube feeder from Hastings. Take the work and danger out of feeding your herd with this truck-mounted range cube feeder.
    cattle cube feeder

    Cattle Cube Feeder Flow Control

    Make feeding your cattle in pastures a non-event with this handy feeder. It mounts to the back of a flat bed truck and is controlled by the driver from the cab. As you drive, the spring-loaded slide gate on the back of the feeder is operated by pulling the rope.

    cattle cube feeder rope control diagram

    From the cab, you can open the valve and lock the rope at the desired flow-rate in your window or just hang on to it. There aren’t any electric motors or whiz-bang features to worry about.  A simple to operate and easy to use rope-and-pulley system is still the best fail-proof design available.

    The rope is pre-assembled in the pulleys and ready to go when it arrives.

    This feeder holds 500 pounds of loose feeder and material. The water-proof lid is hinged for easy filling. The fill opening measures 33″ x 16″ so you can dump a lot in at a time.

    Filling view of Feeder

    cattle cube feeder filling area

    The rear vertical slide is spring loaded so it will close automatically when the control rope is released. The flow-rate of feed is controlled by from the cab. The more rope you pull in, the higher the slide valve goes and the faster grain is released. The action pulleys allow for precise control.


    • 500 pound capacity
    • Overall size:  36″ L x 35″ W x 36″ T
    • Chute Dimension: 10″ Wide by 5′ Tall
    • Weight:  120 pounds
    • Warranty – Entire Year on workmanship and manufacturing defects

    This is a popular and fool-proof feeder. We do ship it all over the United States and if you’d like a quote with shipping to your door, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

    Click the following link to see all of our cattle feeders.

    Barn World | Sales@BarnWorld.com | (720) 238-2190




    A Wall-mounted Saddle Pad Rack will keep your tack room organized

    Saddle pads are the unsung hero of all types of riding and we typically use them until they’re covered in sweat and then toss them in the corner of our tack rooms. Don’t neglect them any longer and get your tack room clean, organized and smelling better with a saddle pad rack.

    saddle pad rack mounted to the wall

    Wall Mounted Arms

    Tack rooms don’t always have a large footprint or floor space for a free-standing rack. A wall-mounted rack can fold up out of the way when not in use and preserve premium floor space when full.

    These multiple armed pad and blanket holders are available in a many different designs. Keep your horse tack organized and your room free of clutter. Choose a rack that fits your room and size of your collection.

    Saddle Pad Rack with 5 Arms

    saddle pad rack with five arms  saddle pad rack holding saddle blankets on a wall

    The 5-arm rack easily holds five pads or blankets by mounting directly to the wall. The individual arms are mounted to a vertical post. Each one of them swings a complete 180 degrees to fold up to the wall on either side. The large swinging capacity creates ease access for every pad or blanket on any of the rack arms. They are easy to install and use and are minimally invasive.


    • Each arm is 30″ long
    • Arms are spaced 4″ apart for thick pads and blankets
    • Each arm rotates 180 degrees for easy access to all pads
    • Convenient and easy tack room organization
    • Mounts to a wall and is out of the way

    Horizontal Saddle Pad Rack with 6 arms

    This rack mounts to the wall horizontally instead of vertically.  It holds pads and blankets across a wall rather than vertically. Use on your long wall to store your tack. The extra wall space can be easily used to organize and store your pads.

    Pictures of the 6 arm Design

    horizontal saddle pad rack

    saddle pad rack with 6 arms in wall mount with horizontal configuration


    • Six arms mover freely to provide easy access to all your pads and blankets
    • Easy to mount to the wall
    • Perfect for storage, display or drying of your blankets and pads
    • Weighs 21 pounds
    • Overall dimensions: 42″ W x 33″ Deep x 5-1/2″ Tall


    Saddle Pad Rack with 10 Arms

    The largest of the wall mounted versions is the 10-arm rack. This design holds up to 10 pads or blankets out-of-the-way and against the wall.  This rack is great for smaller rooms that need to hold a lot of pads. It provides a floor saving storage area, out of the way of walking traffic.

    Pictures of the 10 Arm Rack
    saddle pad rack with 10 arms saddle pad rack holding saddle blankets saddle pad rack mounted to the wall with 10 arms

    Details of the 10 arm design

    • Every arm rotates 180 degrees for easy access
    • Obvious but has 10 arms for pads or blankets!
    • Height is 45″
    • Arm spacing is 4″
    • Each arm is 30″ long
    • Easy to organize your pads and blankets
    • Effortless keeps down clutter
    • Each arm rotates 180 degrees

    Treat your saddle pads and blankets with a little more respect and keep your tack room clear of clutter with a saddle pad rack from Barn World!

    Sales@BarnWorld.com | (720) 238-2190 | Barn World


    Cattle Guards Without Foundations


    Cattle guards can provide years of effortless livestock containment without the need for gates. You no longer have to stop, open a gate while fending off cows only to pull forward and repeat the process again. They allow an effortless crossing for vehicles while creating a secure livestock barrier for your animals.

    A Traditional Concrete Foundation Is Not Always Needed

    cattle guard installation diagram

    One of the criticisms of getting a guard is the time and labor associated with an installation. To make things much easier for driveways and use on private property, there are now three different designs that don’t require a concrete foundation!

    These new designs don’t require the digging and the pouring of cement foundations seen with traditional installations. They are built to be quickly and easily added by setting directly on the ground.

    Below are the new removable box and integral box designs made to make installation quick and easy

    Boxed Designs Lays Directly on the Ground

    Setting these cattle crossings directly on the ground is the easiest installation option available. This type of setting requires a specially designed feature called a box.

    The box is a steel skirt that surrounds the perimeter to prevent dirt from entering below the guard. It’s important to keep the area below the top rails clear of dirt and debris so animals can’t walk across. If the vaulted area did fill with dirt, it would fill in the areas between the rails creating a bridge that would allow animals to simply walk across.

    Keeping the area below and in between the rails clear is necessary for an effective barrier. 

    There are two designs for cattle guards that are built to set directly on the ground: Welded and Removable Boxes


    Welded Box Cattle Guards

    The box on this design is created by welding a steel skirt directly to the perimeter of a traditional cattle grid. This allows it to be set right on the roadway without digging a traditional foundation. The area beneath the top rails is preserved from dirt ‘creeping in’ by the box.

    Picture of a Boxed Cattle Guard

    cattle guard with a steel box welded to the outside

    Note that the box does not provide any additional structural support, it only keeps dirt from getting in below the top rails.

    Some will bury the guard to match the height of the roadway. Others will simply lay it down and push dirt ramps up on either side for crossing vehicles. Either of these installations will allow vehicles access to cross over the structure.

    This design is very popular for low traffic areas such as driveways and remote areas that don’t require a traditional concrete foundation. Construction sites also find them useful as they can be moved from job-to-job.

    If the guard does need to be cleaned out, you may drag it out of place, remove the accumulated debris and move it back in place. Easy to maintain, keep clean and even move to another location if desired.


    Removable Box

    Another unique design that doesn’t require a concrete foundation is the removable box option. Like the boxed option above, this one is built to rest directly on the roadway.

    The removable feature means you can take the guard out of the box without disturbing the surrounding site. See the picture below and note how the site would be preserved even if the guard is removed.

    Removable Box Cattle Guard

    cattle guard being removed from the box

    The most common installation for this design is to slightly bury the box in the ground and set the guard inside. The box preserves the surrounding area when you lift the grid to clean and remove debris below. Set the guard back in the box when done with minimal disruption.

    The box options are available on all the round top rail grids, from the 8’er all the way up to the 20′ Cattle Guards.

    Foundations without Cement

    Make sure you foundation will provide the support and security needed for a long-lasting installation. If your site isn’t exactly level or your require additional security to keep the guard in place, there are a couple of options available.

    Railroad Ties

    Pouring cement is not the only available option for securing a foundation. Simply burying a set of railroad ties and securing the guard to them can solve many ‘walking’ issues.

    When vehicles cross the steel grid, they can impart lateral forces across the barrier. This repeated force and promote movement in the structure. This is especially true if your site isn’t perfectly level.

    Bolting your guard to buried ties creates a wider foot-print for the transfer of weight from the rails to the ground. It also creates a more stable setting that protects from lateral movement.


    As with any construction, your structure is only as secure as your foundation. When selecting your site, it’s important to provide proper drainage to prevent sinking or moving.

    Avoid drainage issues by setting the guard on a bed of crushed gravel. The gravel allows the water to pass through to the ground beneath with minimal disruption to the surround supporting soil.

    As with any building, a contractor who is familiar with the site and local conditions (drainage, freezing levels and even local building codes etc) should be consulted for a long-lasting installation.

    If you have any questions on selecting a guard for your project please let us know. We’d also be happy to forward a quote with shipping for your review!

    Sales@BarnWorld.com | Barn World | (720) 23-2190


    Small Feed Bins for Hobby Farms and Bucket Feeding

    Not everyone needs a high-capacity grain bin. A lot of people have small amounts of feed they need to store, dispense and manage and don’t need a giant bin hulking on their property. They just want something they can use to feed with buckets and not motorized augers.

    For this purpose, much smaller and more manageable feed bins are desired.

    small feed bin

    Small Feed Bins

    These great little bins will dispense almost any loose material. They are popular for storing heating pellets, bulk seed, corn, and yes of course grain.


    These bands are sealed tight to keep out bugs and moisture. The poly material contains a UV inhibitor and it’s designed to be used Outdoors year-round the large slide valve is big enough for range cubes and enlarger granules. Simply pull the steel handle and the plate slides open and allows you to control the flow of grain into a bucket. A paragraph please note that an auger is not available with this Bend, 4 lower volume use. The roof and lid are both made of polyethylene well the walls are made from galvanized steel. The large lid locks down so it won’t blow up and prevents any rain or moisture from entering the bin.

    Assembly Manuals

    These bins are very easy to install. To keep shipping costs low, they ship unassembled and only require minimal skills to put together. Here is a diagram of the larger 65-bushel bin fully assembled.

    small feed bin assembled diagramTo get a sense of how it’s done, click on one of the assembly manuals below:

    Small Feed Bin Uses

    The bins allow large-size materials to pass through the manual slide valve at the bottom. This works great for managing all types of materials, not just animal feed.

    small feed bin assembled in a pasture

    Heating Pellets

    A lot of homes burn pellets for heat. This includes corn and pellets designed specifically for burning in a stove. When using this system a method of storing and dispensing is made easy with the small feed bin.

    It keeps the pellets or corn dry and protected from moisture and allows for manual dispensing to a bucket set under the bin.

    Feeding Animals

    The mini-feed bin is great for filling buckets and feeding animals by hand. It’ll also dispense range cubes as large as 3/4″ round by 2″ long.  The large locking lid opens very wide for easy filling and its smaller size makes it very manageable.


    There are two different available sizes. Each bin is 5′ in diameter and the extra capacity is created by adding a second steel ring wall section. The diameter remains the same but it adds 2′ to the overall height

    Dimensions and Capacities

      • 40 bushel  / 2,240-pound capacity (corn) – 5′ diameter and 8′ tall
      • 65 bushel / 3,640-pound capacity (corn) – 5′ diameter and 10′ tall


    As mentioned above, the bins ship unassembled on a pallet to keep shipping costs low. We can ship them around the country and if you’d like a quote with delivery right to your door, just let us know and we’ll forward one for your review.

    Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help!

    Barn World | Sales@BarnWorld.com | 720.238.2190


    Grain Bins for Feed Management

    Grain bins provide efficient efficient management and storage for all types of feed and other loose materials. The heavy-duty construction protects the elements in rodents alike.

    These are high-capacity bins that are commonly found throughout the United States. They offer large storage capacities and heavy-duty construction for use almost anywhere.

    Barn World has a large selection of both metal grain bins and poly in a variety of sizes. Whether you need 108-bushel capacity or 975, there is one for you!

    grain bins in metal and poly material

    Metal Bulk Feed Bin Design

    These heavy-duty steel grain bins are built to hold High capacities of loose material outdoors year-round. It stores and protects from the elements, pests, and rodents alike.

    Below is a partial diagram of an assembled bin for review. Note the steel wall seams have overlap drip guards and won’t let water into the bin. This design culminates in a 16″ diameter opening at the bottom of the hopper sections.

    This allows a multitude of attachments such as manual slide valves and motorized augers for unloading.

    bulk grain bin assembly diagram


    The waving bends in the steel walls are there to create additional vertical strength. The walls have a 4″ wide corrugation that adds an estimated  25% increase in strength over a wall without corrugation. The corrugation also creates a release point for free-flowing. The waves of the Steal reduce the downward resistance on stored material and help reduce any bridging or ‘hanging up on the interior of the walls.

    The G-90 Steel

    G-90 is a designation for the finish that coats the steel. It refers to the amount of zinc that remains on the material after a hot dip in zinc. The 90 means that there is a minimum of .90 oz. of zinc per square foot. This provides excellent protection from corrosion and rust and allows the bins to be used exclusively outdoors, year-round.


    Top lid that can be controlled while standing on the ground via a lever. Simply pull the lever, and it opens can you fill the bin without ever leaving the ground.

    grain bin lid open on topThe lids have a vent built into them to release hot air and moisture that may build up inside.


    The bins are built by assembling them on their sides and then standing upright. A cement pad is used to anchor the legs to the ground to prevent tipping in high winds when empty.

    Click the following link for the bulk grain bin assembly manual. It details how to build and erect a complete feed bin.

    Below is a picture of a bin being raised to an upright position.

    how to stand up a grain bin diagram

    If you need a heavy-duty bulk grain bin, take a look at the Sioux Steel design. It’s built to last and comes in a lot of different sizes to fit your needs.

    If you prefer the newer poly design, click the Poly Grain Bin to see our selection in polyethylene construction.

    Please email or call for a quote with shipping to your address. We do ship them through the United States.

    Barn World | Sales@BarnWorld.com (720) 238-2190