Grain Bins for Feed Management

Grain bins provide efficient efficient management and storage for all types of feed and other loose materials. The heavy-duty construction protects the elements in rodents alike.

These are high-capacity bins that are commonly found throughout the United States. They offer large storage capacities and heavy-duty construction for use almost anywhere.

Barn World has a large selection of both metal grain bins and poly in a variety of sizes. Whether you need 108-bushel capacity or 975, there is one for you!

grain bins in metal and poly material

Metal Bulk Feed Bin Design

These heavy-duty steel grain bins are built to hold High capacities of loose material outdoors year-round. It stores and protects from the elements, pests, and rodents alike.

Below is a partial diagram of an assembled bin for review. Note the steel wall seams have overlap drip guards and won’t let water into the bin. This design culminates in a 16″ diameter opening at the bottom of the hopper sections.

This allows a multitude of attachments such as manual slide valves and motorized augers for unloading.

bulk grain bin assembly diagram


The waving bends in the steel walls are there to create additional vertical strength. The walls have a 4″ wide corrugation that adds an estimated  25% increase in strength over a wall without corrugation. The corrugation also creates a release point for free-flowing. The waves of the Steal reduce the downward resistance on stored material and help reduce any bridging or ‘hanging up on the interior of the walls.

The G-90 Steel

G-90 is a designation for the finish that coats the steel. It refers to the amount of zinc that remains on the material after a hot dip in zinc. The 90 means that there is a minimum of .90 oz. of zinc per square foot. This provides excellent protection from corrosion and rust and allows the bins to be used exclusively outdoors, year-round.


Top lid that can be controlled while standing on the ground via a lever. Simply pull the lever, and it opens can you fill the bin without ever leaving the ground.

grain bin lid open on topThe lids have a vent built into them to release hot air and moisture that may build up inside.


The bins are built by assembling them on their sides and then standing upright. A cement pad is used to anchor the legs to the ground to prevent tipping in high winds when empty.

Click the following link for the bulk grain bin assembly manual. It details how to build and erect a complete feed bin.

Below is a picture of a bin being raised to an upright position.

how to stand up a grain bin diagram

If you need a heavy-duty bulk grain bin, take a look at the Sioux Steel design. It’s built to last and comes in a lot of different sizes to fit your needs.

If you prefer the newer poly design, click the Poly Grain Bin to see our selection in polyethylene construction.

Please email or call for a quote with shipping to your address. We do ship them through the United States.

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