Bucket Forks Quickly Attach to your Tractor

Stop trying to balance a pallet and other loads on your bucket. Get a quality, quick attach pair of bucket forks. They’ll easily pick up pallets, debris and carry most anything with ease. We carry high quality bucket forks in three different load capacities as described below.

pallet forks on a tractor bucket

Quick Attach Bucket Fork Clamp

All of these pallet forks quickly attach to tractor buckets without damaging the bucket itself. The C-clamp pad creates a secure fit without harming your bucket. The design means you don’t need to remove your existing bucket!


bucket attachment clamp design diagram

Above is a diagram of how the clamp works. Note there is a support for under the bucket. This helps distribute the weight over a larger area to prevent any bending or buckling. The secure fit means it doesn’t require any chains or binders!

All of the pallet forks are powder-coated for extra longevity and overall toughness. They’re available in light, medium and heavy duty builds as detailed below.


Light Duty Pallet Forks

pallet forks attached to a tractor bucket

The light duty forks are built for all general type use and work around the farm. They’ll lift up to 1,400 as a pair and weigh approximately 70 pounds. This capacity is great for all types of uses likes moving pallets, rail road ties, logs etc. It’s best for use with machinery that has 25 horse power or less.

Light Duty Pallet Fork Dimensions

dimension diagram for the light duty pallet fork

Light Duty Capacities

  • Total Capaciity:  1,400 pounds
  • Total Weight:  70 pounds
  • Length: Overall 54″ / Working: 39″
  • Forks are 2″ tall
  • Back stop height for 2 x 4’s is 7″
  • Under bucket support reaches 11.25″


Medium Duty Pallet Forks

The next set of forks increases lifting capacity to a total of just over a ton at 2,600 pounds. It’s great for use with tractors or loaders in the 35 – 55 horse power range.

quick attach bucket forks in medium duty

The individual forks have the same fork height of 2″ and a 4″ width. The pair weigh an impressive 126 pounds and have an overall height of 10.5″ with the 2 x 4 backstop. They feature a long 12.5″ length under the bucket for additional support.

pallet fork medium duty diagram and dimensions


Medium Duty Pallet Fork Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity:  2,600 pounds
  • Weight of both forks together:  126 pounds
  • Overall length approximately 58″
  • Working length:  43″
  • Over all height with 2 x 4 backstop:  10.5″
  • Under bucket support:  12.5″

Heavy Duty Pallet Forks

These impressive quick attach bucket forks lift an incredible 5,500 pounds. The overall fork measurement is 72″ and they have an extra long working length of 53″!

The pair of forks weigh a heavy 190 pounds and are built for your toughest and heaviest jobs. They’re also powder-coated in black and include the welded 2×4 backstop to keep your load square and prevent it from falling back into the bucket.

bucket forks on a loader

Heavy Duty Pallet Fork SPECIFICATIONS

  • Total Weight is 190 pounds
  • Over length is 72″, working length 53″
  • Under bucket support is 15.25″
  • Individual forks measure 2″ tall by 4″ wide
  • Lifting Capacity is 5,500 pounds!

heavy duty bucket fork dimension diagram

These are strong and economical quick-attach pallet forks. All three offer a convenient and secure method of turning your bucket in to a set of pallet forks. They can take the hard work out of hard work!

We do ship them through out the entire United States. Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like a quote with shipping right to your farm or ranch.

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