ATV Cattle Guards for Quick Pasture Access

You don’t always need a permanent installation to keep your livestock contained. This new design is built for ATV’s to cross through pastures and fence-lines without the use of a gate.

cattle guard for atvs

ATV Cattle Guard

A lot of work around the ranch is done with ATV’s these days. From fencing repairs to rounding up for health checks, the machine is incredibility useful in almost any pasture.

This cattle guard is built specifically to accommodate the traffic without using a gate. We’ve even made them for golf carts to cross through fenced in lands!


An ATV resting on a cattle guard crossing

The picture above shows how simple and straight forward the overall design is. The structural integrity is extremely solid with 1-1/2″ square tubing. The 11 gauge steel is finished in a gray enamel.

The ramp is 14″ in height and won’t allow all ATV:s to cross. The larger 4-seat version require a slight modification to prevent bottoming out. We lower the height a bit and extend the overall length for the longer wheel base.

The design for the 2-seat versions is 91″ long and 72″ wide and with the ‘wings’, measures 87″.


The guard is extremely easy to put in use. It is a free-standing structure and as long as the ground is fairly flat, it can be set in place for immediate use.

Identify the area in the fencing where you’d like to be able drive your ATV through. Make a cut in the center of the area and pull the fencing back. This makes it easier to prepare the ground once the fence is out of the way.

It’s important to make sure your installation area is fairly flat to help prevent the crossing from moving when driving over. We’d recommend adding crushed gravel to assist with drainage if there’s a lot of moisture in the area. A buried railroad tie can also help prevent movement and provide a secure anchoring point.

Once the surface is prepared, simply set the one-piece cattle guard in place and tie your fencing right to the uprights of the crossing.

Also consider applying a grass killer or weed block under the guard. This will prevent it from becoming overgrown and hiding it from your livestock. You want to keep the rails of the guard prevalent so cattle don’t ‘accidentally’ walk onto it.


  • Square tubing – 1-1/2″ x 11 gauge
  • Overall dimensions: 72″ wide (87″ exterior) X 91″ long
  • The center of the ramp is 14″ in height
  • Finished in gray enamel
  • Available for 4-place ATVs as well

Pictures of the ATV Cattle Guard

an atv crossing a cattle guarda cattle guard made for atvs

Barn World also offers traditional Cattle Guards for highway projects. If you’d like a quote for any type of crossing, please send an email or give us a call and we’ll by happy to send one for your review! | 720.238.2190 | Barn World


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