Small Feed Bins for Hobby Farms and Bucket Feeding

Not everyone needs a high-capacity grain bin. A lot of people have small amounts of feed they need to store, dispense and manage and don’t need a giant bin hulking on their property. They just want something they can use to feed with buckets and not motorized augers.

For this purpose, much smaller and more manageable feed bins are desired.

small feed bin

Small Feed Bins

These great little bins will dispense almost any loose material. They are popular for storing heating pellets, bulk seed, corn, and yes of course grain.


These bands are sealed tight to keep out bugs and moisture. The poly material contains a UV inhibitor and it’s designed to be used Outdoors year-round the large slide valve is big enough for range cubes and enlarger granules. Simply pull the steel handle and the plate slides open and allows you to control the flow of grain into a bucket. A paragraph please note that an auger is not available with this Bend, 4 lower volume use. The roof and lid are both made of polyethylene well the walls are made from galvanized steel. The large lid locks down so it won’t blow up and prevents any rain or moisture from entering the bin.

Assembly Manuals

These bins are very easy to install. To keep shipping costs low, they ship unassembled and only require minimal skills to put together. Here is a diagram of the larger 65-bushel bin fully assembled.

small feed bin assembled diagramTo get a sense of how it’s done, click on one of the assembly manuals below:

Small Feed Bin Uses

The bins allow large-size materials to pass through the manual slide valve at the bottom. This works great for managing all types of materials, not just animal feed.

small feed bin assembled in a pasture

Heating Pellets

A lot of homes burn pellets for heat. This includes corn and pellets designed specifically for burning in a stove. When using this system a method of storing and dispensing is made easy with the small feed bin.

It keeps the pellets or corn dry and protected from moisture and allows for manual dispensing to a bucket set under the bin.

Feeding Animals

The mini-feed bin is great for filling buckets and feeding animals by hand. It’ll also dispense range cubes as large as 3/4″ round by 2″ long.  The large locking lid opens very wide for easy filling and its smaller size makes it very manageable.


There are two different available sizes. Each bin is 5′ in diameter and the extra capacity is created by adding a second steel ring wall section. The diameter remains the same but it adds 2′ to the overall height

Dimensions and Capacities

    • 40 bushel  / 2,240-pound capacity (corn) – 5′ diameter and 8′ tall
    • 65 bushel / 3,640-pound capacity (corn) – 5′ diameter and 10′ tall


As mentioned above, the bins ship unassembled on a pallet to keep shipping costs low. We can ship them around the country and if you’d like a quote with delivery right to your door, just let us know and we’ll forward one for your review.

Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help!

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