Cattle Guards have many names!

There are many names for cattle guards. Simply put, it is a livestock barrier, typically made from steel. It consists of metal bars the run perpendicular to traffic and create unstable footing for flat-hoofed animals like livestock.

The top rails can be round for low speed traffic or flat for higher speed crossings. The round top rails are usually a more aggressive livestock deterrent but provide a rougher ride to crossing vehicles. Go with the smoother flat top cattle guards if you have higher speeds.

Flat and Round Top Rail Cattle Guards

cattle guard with flat top rails  cattle guard with round top rails

Cattle Guard Installation Diagram

Installing a livestock barrier can be straight forward if you have a qualified contract involved. Below is a generic foundation and installation diagram to help illustrate.

This is a generic look at a possible installation. A contractor familiar with the site should be consulted to ensure proper drainage, freezing levels and even possible building codes etc are adhered to.

A quality installation will make a quality installation that will last for years to come.

cattle guard installation diagram
cattle guard with wings – installation

The guards are available with pre-cast concrete foundations that can be delivered right along with the guards themselves.

All of the designs and options listed above fall under then name ‘cattle guard’ in the US. Below are some common variations used around the world.

Cattle Guard Names

  • Australia – cattle grids or grates
  • United Kingdom – cattle grid
  • Canada – vehicle pass
  • New Zeland – cattle stop
  • United States – Texas gate, cattle grill and deer guard

They all are of the same design and allow vehicles to pass and keep livestock contained without the use of a gate.

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