Cattle Cube Feeder – Livestock Pasture Feeding Made Easy

Feeding your cattle from the safety of your truck is made effortless with this cattle cube feeder from Hastings. Take the work and danger out of feeding your herd with this truck-mounted range cube feeder.
cattle cube feeder

Cattle Cube Feeder Flow Control

Make feeding your cattle in pastures a non-event with this handy feeder. It mounts to the back of a flat bed truck and is controlled by the driver from the cab. As you drive, the spring-loaded slide gate on the back of the feeder is operated by pulling the rope.

cattle cube feeder rope control diagram

From the cab, you can open the valve and lock the rope at the desired flow-rate in your window or just hang on to it. There aren’t any electric motors or whiz-bang features to worry about.  A simple to operate and easy to use rope-and-pulley system is still the best fail-proof design available.

The rope is pre-assembled in the pulleys and ready to go when it arrives.

This feeder holds 500 pounds of loose feeder and material. The water-proof lid is hinged for easy filling. The fill opening measures 33″ x 16″ so you can dump a lot in at a time.

Filling view of Feeder

cattle cube feeder filling area

The rear vertical slide is spring loaded so it will close automatically when the control rope is released. The flow-rate of feed is controlled by from the cab. The more rope you pull in, the higher the slide valve goes and the faster grain is released. The action pulleys allow for precise control.


  • 500 pound capacity
  • Overall size:  36″ L x 35″ W x 36″ T
  • Chute Dimension: 10″ Wide by 5′ Tall
  • Weight:  120 pounds
  • Warranty – Entire Year on workmanship and manufacturing defects

This is a popular and fool-proof feeder. We do ship it all over the United States and if you’d like a quote with shipping to your door, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

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