A Wall-mounted Saddle Pad Rack will keep your tack room organized

Saddle pads are the unsung hero of all types of riding and we typically use them until they’re covered in sweat and then toss them in the corner of our tack rooms. Don’t neglect them any longer and get your tack room clean, organized and smelling better with a saddle pad rack.

saddle pad rack mounted to the wall

Wall Mounted Arms

Tack rooms don’t always have a large footprint or floor space for a free-standing rack. A wall-mounted rack can fold up out of the way when not in use and preserve premium floor space when full.

These multiple armed pad and blanket holders are available in a many different designs. Keep your horse tack organized and your room free of clutter. Choose a rack that fits your room and size of your collection.

Saddle Pad Rack with 5 Arms

saddle pad rack with five arms  saddle pad rack holding saddle blankets on a wall

The 5-arm rack easily holds five pads or blankets by mounting directly to the wall. The individual arms are mounted to a vertical post. Each one of them swings a complete 180 degrees to fold up to the wall on either side. The large swinging capacity creates ease access for every pad or blanket on any of the rack arms. They are easy to install and use and are minimally invasive.


  • Each arm is 30″ long
  • Arms are spaced 4″ apart for thick pads and blankets
  • Each arm rotates 180 degrees for easy access to all pads
  • Convenient and easy tack room organization
  • Mounts to a wall and is out of the way

Horizontal Saddle Pad Rack with 6 arms

This rack mounts to the wall horizontally instead of vertically.  It holds pads and blankets across a wall rather than vertically. Use on your long wall to store your tack. The extra wall space can be easily used to organize and store your pads.

Pictures of the 6 arm Design

horizontal saddle pad rack

saddle pad rack with 6 arms in wall mount with horizontal configuration


  • Six arms mover freely to provide easy access to all your pads and blankets
  • Easy to mount to the wall
  • Perfect for storage, display or drying of your blankets and pads
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 42″ W x 33″ Deep x 5-1/2″ Tall


Saddle Pad Rack with 10 Arms

The largest of the wall mounted versions is the 10-arm rack. This design holds up to 10 pads or blankets out-of-the-way and against the wall.  This rack is great for smaller rooms that need to hold a lot of pads. It provides a floor saving storage area, out of the way of walking traffic.

Pictures of the 10 Arm Rack
saddle pad rack with 10 arms saddle pad rack holding saddle blankets saddle pad rack mounted to the wall with 10 arms

Details of the 10 arm design

  • Every arm rotates 180 degrees for easy access
  • Obvious but has 10 arms for pads or blankets!
  • Height is 45″
  • Arm spacing is 4″
  • Each arm is 30″ long
  • Easy to organize your pads and blankets
  • Effortless keeps down clutter
  • Each arm rotates 180 degrees

Treat your saddle pads and blankets with a little more respect and keep your tack room clear of clutter with a saddle pad rack from Barn World!

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