Mineral Feeders Keep Your Livestock Healthy

Mineral feeders should be an important part of your overall animal health program. The nutrients in feed supplements can make all the difference in growth, wellness and weight gains.

A liquid feeder is a very common livestock feeder but we’d like to take a look at one of the heaviest ground mineral feeders on the market from Sioux Steel below.

ground mineral feeder with the flap open  

Details of the Ground Mineral Feeder

The ground style has been around for decades and so has Sioux Steel. They make a lot of heavy duty livestock equipment and this feeder is one of the toughest on the market. It weighs an impressive 64 pounds and will stand up to year of abuse in the pasture!

ground mineral feeder with a closed flap

Mineral Feeder Base

It features three compartments to hold up to 200 pounds of loose minerals. The base compartment is a large 38″ in diameter. This creates a large footprint to prevent any tipping and a stable eating platform.

The polyethylene material has a UV-resistant material mixed right in the resin when it’s poured in the mold. It also includes three anchoring points on the exterior. If you have rambunctious animals, these anchoring points will prevent any mischief.

Mineral Feeder Flap

The sturdy base is covered by a large 41″ diameter top flap in a 3/8″ thickness. It’s recently been redesigned to take even more abuse than the original feeder. It now includes two poly top washers and one on the bottom. This was done to prevent creasing of the flap near the attachment post.

The flap may be purchase separately so you don’t need to replace the entire feeder if it ever wears out. See the picture below, it includes the large flap cover, the individual top and bottom washers as well as the connecting hardware.

mineral feeder flap and hardware

Note the flap shows the Sioux Steel logo but it’s currently being phase out. New orders may not include the logo.

Video Review

Below is a quick video review of the feeder. The feeder is built for everyday use with large herd s. The large and rugged design is extremely durable.

If you supplement your animal’s feed to make sure they get the nutrients they need, this high capacity flap feeder is for you. It’s a simple, effective and fool-proof design that can be used most anywhere.

The proven design has been around for decades and will provide an effortless means of keeping your animals supplied with the minerals they need.

the feeders ship on a pallet and we’re able to ship up to five of them on a single pallet for near the same cost as two or three.  If you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your ranch, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

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