Poly Horse Hay Feeder

No longer does a horse hay feeder have to be bulky and difficult to manage. Don’t put up with a rusting hulk of a metal feeder in your pasture!

The new design can be quickly assembled. There are four sections that bolt together on overlapping joints. This feeder that can be used just about anywhere. The single sections may be set up and bolted in a corner of a horse stall. It can also be flipped upside down to provide a lower outer wall for shorter animals.

The new poly horse hay feeder from Barn World

poly stall hay feeder for horses in a corner round hay feeder for horses in the pasture


This new hay feeder is easy to assemble, move around a pasture and is extremely durable. It only weighs 120 pounds total which makes it easy to stand on its side and roll to where it’s needed. When loading, simply roll it beside your large round bale and drop it over the top.

rolling the hay feeder to a new location setting a ploy horse hay feeder over a large round bale

Designed for Safety

The four individual panels are secured with three bolts at each overlapping joint. The bolts are recessed along the outside of the feeder so your horses won’t nick or cut themselves. The counter-sunk connections are easy to access and protect your equine legs from scrapes.

hay feeder connection countersunk bolts for horse safety

Designed to be Outdoors

The poly material is made with recycled materials and includes a UV inhibitor resin when it’s poured. This allows the feeder to be outdoors, in the sun, year-round!

Features of the Poly Horse Hay Feeder

  • Easy to assemble and move with one person
  • Designed with horse safety in mind – countersunk connections
  • Can be flipped over to accommodate smaller animals
  • Made of environmentally friendly recycled materials
  • UV-Resistant Resin designed for year-round outdoor use in the sun!
  • Environmentally conscious – made with recycled materials
  • Only weighs 120 lbs!
  • 2″ thick walls, 35″ tall and 8′ in diameter


This durable long-lasting feeder comes with a manufacturer’s one-year warranty on defects and workmanship. This feeder is built to last outdoors, in both the sun and snow and will provide years of use. It will feeder your large round bales to colts, ponies and full-grown equine!

See all of our Horse Hay Feeders and let us know if we can prepare a quote with shipping to your door today!



Pig Feeders for healthy weight gains

Barn World offers a wide selection of pig feeders or the modern farm. We have both gravity feed and ration style feeders that minimize wasted feed. The complete line up of Osborne Pig Feeders will keep your operation running at peak efficiency and keep your profits up. Ensuring your animals have a constant supply of fresh feed without any waste is the goal of each feeder and operator.

Quality Pig Feeders

Osborne pig feeders are top quality and a gold standard in the industry. Their design creates a stress-free eating environment that maximizes access to feed and healthy weight gains. The round trough offers the most feeding areas possible at one time. More pigs have room to get to the feeder because they’re not standing shoulder-to-shoulder. There’s room for more mouths and eating time.

pigs eating from a pig feeder indoors

There’s also a patented on-demand mechanical feed design that helps eliminate waste. The feeder will only release feed when it’s asked for. This eliminates standing food that can be turned into ‘play waste’.  Grain sitting in a trough easily gets knock to the floor and wasted.

Pig Feeder Designs

Self Cleaning: Another unique feature in the troughs is the self-cleaning paddles. The on-demand arms have sweeps on their bottoms so they clean as they turn through the trough. The pigs are actually cleaning their own feeder as they eat!

Wean-to-Finish Feeder

A feeder we’d like to highlight is the brand new Fast Start Pig Feeder. This radical design automatically converts from the traditional gravity fed flow to on demand only!
When the pigs are small, they really don’t have the strength or will to turn the paddles and ask for feed. The feeder will sit stationary and allow a directly feed flow to the trough as it’s consumed.

automatic pig feeder

As they get bigger, they begin to agitate the paddles. As feeder arms begin to turn, the conversion begins. To keep the higher energy growers from wasting the feed, the arms will slowly close off the free flow feature. As they go through the trough and start to swing around, the interior mechanics close off the free-flow design.

automatic pig feeder interior diagram

Once closed, feed will only be dispensed when asked for through the trough paddles – automatically!  There will no longer be grain laying around to be splashed onto the floor and wasted.

This wonderful feeder will take your young pigs from weaning to finishing all by itself.

Wean-to-Finish Feeder Specifications

Capacity – 235 lbs
Height – 36″
Trough Diameter – 31″
Hog Weight – 10 lbs to Market
Hog Capacity – Up to 60 head


All of the pig feeders are made from poly materials that are impervious to acids from pig waste. They won’t rust and are built to last. Make sure your young animals have constant access to clean food and healthy weight gains with a pig feeder from Barn World.


Bucket Forks turn your bucket into a pallet fork workhorse

Easy to use and install Bucket Forks

Barn World, your livestock equipment solution center now offers the extremely versatile clamp on bucket forks to add the functionality of a pallet fork to your bucket. The unique clamps also allow other attachments to be added like our Debris Forks too!

How to Install Pallet Forks

These easy to install and remove pallet forks attach quickly to your bucket. They use the patented “C-Clamp Pad” design that won’t harm your bucket. It creates a secure fit  that’s easily removable when ready to un-install. No longer do you need to remove your entire bucket to get the functionality of the pallet forks.

Bucket Fork C-Clamp Attachment Diagram

bucket forks attachment diagram

Note that this unique clamp on design makes adding and removing the forks a breeze. You don’t need to remove your bucket, simply screw them on and you’re ready to go.


  • No Chains or Binders Needed
  • “C-Clamp Pad” won’t harm your bucket
  • No need to remove or modify your bucket
  • Quickly and easily attaches directly to your existing bucket
  • All Bucket Forks are powder coated

Three types of pallet forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks -working length of 39″ and load capacity of 1,200 lbs.


  • Great for compact and sub-compact tractors and loaders up to 25HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more!
  • Bucket forks will turn your tractor into a workhorse!

pallet forks mounted the bucket of a tractor

Medium Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 43″ and a load capacity of 2,400 lbs.


  • Great for compact tractors and loaders from 35 HP to 55 HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more with our Bucket Forks!
  • Slip in a standard 2 x 4 as a back stop


Heavy Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 53″ and a load capacity of 5,000 lbs.

  • Great for tractors, loaders and skid steers up to 55 hp and above
  • Lifting Capacity for both, together is an impressive 5,500 pounds
  • Slip in a standard 2 x 4 as a back stop with our HD Bucket Forks

Pallet Fork using 2 x 4's for a backstop  


  • 5,500 Lifting Capacity (Pair)
  • Total Weight: 190 lbs
  • Length: 72″
  • Width: 4″
  • Fork Height: 2.”
  • Height: 10.5″
  • Length of forks: 53″
  • 15.25″ Under Bucket

All of the bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

The great feature of the clamp on design is that it allows a quick and easily attachment to an existing bucket.  There’s no need to go through the hassle of changing the bucket. There’s not additional expense of buying another implement, use what you have!

Get a pair of bucket pallet forks from Barn World, your livestock equipment headquarters. www.BarnWorld.com


Organize Your Tack Room

It’s time to organize your tack room!

Have you put off the spring cleaning your tack room desperately needs?  You can easily get organized with the great tack room organizing products from Barn World.

track room organizer

Saddle Racks

These saddle organizers are a wonderful way to store you saddles and keep your tack room clear. The wall mount can be secured for out-of-the way storage of your prized saddles. They’re also designed as a free-standing display rack. Great for store displays or as a relocatable tack room organizer for your tack room.

saddle rack for six saddles  wall mounted saddle rack saddle rack that holds 12 saddles

The largest of these stands come in a 12 saddle rotary design to handle all of your saddles at once!

Saddle Blanket Racks

Blanket racks not only organize your tack but give you a place to dry, hang and store all of your hard working blankets. They are also great for saddle pads too!

saddle pad rack with 20 arms  wall mounted saddle pad rack

They’re available as wall mounted or as a standalone design. With these strong armed organizers, your horse tack room will be clean and keep your floor free and clear from clutter. Let your blankets and pads dry without getting dirty or thrown in a pile in a corner.

The blanket racks have many different configurations to fit almost any size operation. They’ll allow you to store and dry your tack in an organized fashion while taking up minimal space.

Bridal Racks

Keep your bridles from getting tangled. These racks give them a place to be cleaned while hanging and be stored in an organized manner. There are the straight forward wall-mounted single hanger as well as the multiple hanging bridal racks.

headstall rack  bridal rack

All of these wonderful organizers are made in the USA!




Advantages of Sheepskin Saddle Pads

sheepskin saddle pad half size

Sheepskin saddle pads have been used for superior comfort and performance for hundreds of years. This luxurious material is comprised with over 3,000 fibers for every square inch. Each of these tiny little fibers acts as a shock absorber and creates a tremendously soft riding experience.


The same properties that make it soft also create unparalleled wicking. The tiny fibers absorb and then dissipate any accumulate moisture between your horse and the pad. This naturally occurring process keeps your horse cool and allows them to perform in more comfort for longer periods of time. The perfect combination: performance and comfort!


Not only does the sheepskin provide superior cooling and comfort, it also offers protection from pressure points and chaffing. The tiny fibers allow any friction from opposite movement between the saddle and the horse to be absorbed. Keeping any rubbing and chafing from transferring to your horse is the key to high performance and long-distance riding.

saddle pad with blue quilting

Sheepskin does not build up any static or electrical charge. The all-natural material is actually an insulator from the natural friction between your body and the horse.

The material is extremely gentle on skin as it include lanolin and is natural dir and bacteria resistant.

Cleaning your Sheepskin Saddle Pad

To make sure you get the most out of your pad, be sure to follow the recommend care instructions.

Thoroughly dry these high performance pads between your rides. This allows the tiny fibers a chance to ‘relax’, separate and re-establish their wicking and protection properties. Once dry, give the material a light brushing to help separate the individual fibers. This ensures a thick and relaxed cushion for your next ride.

full length saddle pad with blue quilting

To clean your pad, use cold water and a mild soap made for sheepskin. Some examples of light detergents are baby shampoos by Johnson & Johnson, or Ivory. Make sure to to hand wash the pads and avoid machine washing. The mechanical agitator can be a bit rough on sheepskin and may even agitate the quilting if not properly cared for.

Once clean, do not use a machine dryer. Remove the excess accumulated water with either the spin cycle on your washing machine (after hand washing of course) or letting it dry naturally. Simply set the pad out to dry in the ambient air, do not wring out or compress the sheepskin unnaturally. Do not apply any heat to accelerate the drying process.

You may slightly stretch the pad to help avoid any potential shrinkage if desired. Once dry, simply brush it lightly to separate the small fibers and your ready for another comfortable, high performance ride.

Sheepskin saddle pads offer natural protection from chaffing and sore spots and provide superior riding comfort and natural cooling! See all of the Sheepskin Saddle Pads.



Horse Vacuum Convenience

The new Equine Vac is a vacuum designed exclusively for horses. Finding the perfect livestock vacuum cleaner for grooming horses is no longer a compromise. This animal vacuum is a sleek, upscale grooming system, featuring injection molding for a long-lasting, durable, non-corrosive finish.


There are a lot of design features that were included exclusively for use with horses. It has a flush-mount option so it only protrudes 2 inches from the wall. Installation itself is extremely simple. The surface-mount model can be moved between stalls or other locations such as an RV, Horse Trailer or Tack Room.

All the grooming tools and the 35 foot stretch hose are included!

Picture of the Horse Vacuum

horse vacuum

Included Features

  • 35′ long stretch hose and a 6′ power cord
  • bare floor tool / telescoping steel wand / upholstery brush with horse hair slide
  • elongated dust brush / long crevice tool / regular crevice tool
  • 3 horse tools – pin comb brush, curry comb and horse grooming brush
  • (2) dust bags (1 is an extra)

Forget having to cart a canister across the floor.  Instead of dragging a noisy appliance around your horse, just bring the high-performance vacuum hose to where you’re working. With the patented 35-ft long-reach hose, the vacuum unit can be conveniently installed in a quiet, out-of-the-way location. This allows you to groom your horse in less stressful and relaxed environment.

Wall mount Grooming System – Installs quickly and securely to a vertical surface. Includes all of the accessories shown above. Available in Red, White, Black or Gray.

Flush Mount Grooming System  This is the space-saving installation that is recessed into a and it too includes all of the accessories shown above. Available in Red, White, Black or Gray.

For the best in livestock grooming, call Barn World at (720) 238-2190. You can also email Sales@BarnWorld.com for more information and to place an order.


Gate Openers from Barn World

.When a cattle guard can’t be used, accessing your property and passing through your fence line doesn’t have to be inconvenient. A gate opener can make such a mundane and time consuming task effortless.

Barn World carries the Apollo Gate Opener to swing gates that are as long as 16′ in length and weigh up to 600 pounds!

electric gate opener


This opener set up include two remotes and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The controller box is weather resistant which is designed to be used outdoors year-round.

It’s easily installed on existing gates and works with a 12V DC battery which can be maintained with the included 5-watt solar panel or used with AC rechargeable current

This operator is available in the 1500 and 1550 model which includes the ‘soft close’ feature for a smoother closure. It uses an advanced circuit board which learns the current limit settings and the actuator stroke length for future cycles. This helps create a default setting for future openings and increases operating life.

The Apollo brand has been an industry leader for years. Their simple and straight forward gate openers operate most swing gates without having to get out of your vehicle. The opener is especially useful when a cattle grid isn’t an option. Don’t let repetitively opening and closing a gate wear you down. Get an electric gate opener today.





Bulk Grain Bin Overview

Barn World offers a wide variety of Bulk Feed Bins for storing and dispensing your grain and feed. The wide variety includes bins made of metal and poly material and quantities from one ton up to 25 tons.

large metal and poly grain bins

Bulk feed storage is a very economical and efficient method of dispensing and managing your grain inventory. All of the bins are designed to protect your investment from the elements and common insects and pests year round. They have convenient methods of dispensing small and large quantities of grain at a time, Options allow for manual control to fill individual buckets or run large quantities through a motorized auger.

Poly Grain Bins

The poly bins will never fall victim to rust. The larger capacities are made with a single top and bottom section for easy two-piece construction. This means easy assembly and set up as the top half bolts to the bottom for a quick and clean connection.

Below are a few pictures of some of the sizes available:

large poly grain bin  poly grain bin  small poly feed bin

The bins are made with UV-resistant, translucent, high-density polyethylene. You can quickly and easily see the grain level inside the bin with just a glance. The walls are sturdy and strong 3/16″ thick and their smooth interior helps reduce bridging and allows for free-flowing material to dispense smoothly. There are no rivets or protruding bolts to impede flow when releasing your feed.

A bottom slide valve is available with each bin and allows for manual flow control and shut-off. An auger attachment can be used for unloading large amounts quickly and efficiently. The poly wall design is great for high moisture soybeans, corn, and almost any granular materials.

Metal Grain Bins

The traditional metal feed bins are available in a wide range of capacities. They’ve been the industry standard for years and a common sight throughout the US.

two metal grain bins


The metal gins are available in capacities of 108 bushels up to 977 bushels. The large sizes create the need for larger diameters that range from 6′, 7′, and 9′ and get up to 25′ tall. See the size chart below for more details.

The corrugated walls are made with G-90 galvanized steel. The 4″ wide corrugation adds tremendous strength (25% more than straight steel) and will help prevent feed bridging inside.

These bins all have a top cap that can be operated from the ground for easy filling. Optional side ladders make climbing to the top convenient if you ever need to access the lid.

Under the taper hopper section, a top collar allows for the attachment of slide valves, poly boots, and un-loader boxes to attach an auger. There are also seam stiffeners that create an extra-strong bolted seam and should be considered as an option for storing high-fat and heavy feeds. They do come standard with the larger 9′ diameter bins.

Feed Bin Capacity Table

DiameterTonsFill HeightBushelsWeight (lbs)
6′ x 1 Row2.7610 ft 8 in111456
6′ x 2 Rows4.2513 ft 4 in171545
6′ x 3 Rows5.7416 ft 0 in231654
6′ x 4 Rows7.2418 ft 8 in291742
7′ x 1 Row4.6013 ft 9 in185727
7′ x 2 Row6.6316 ft 5 in266854
7′ x 3 Row8.6619 ft 1 in348954
7′ x 4 Row10.9621 ft 9 in4301,079
7′ x 5 Row12.7324 ft 5 in5111,412
7′ x 6 Row14.7627 ft 1 in5931,622
9′ x 1 Row7.6914 ft 2 in3081,020
9′ x 2 Row11.0416 ft 10 in4431,151
9′ x 3 Row14.3919 ft 6 in5781,351
9′ x 4 Row17.7522 ft 2 in7131,546
9′ x 5 Row21.1124 ft 10 in8481,776
9′ x 6 Row24.4627 ft 6 in9832,218

Barn World offers a complete selection of grain bins in both metal and poly construction for economical feed storage and dispensing. We also offer to ship directly to your farm or ranch. For smaller quantities, consider the 40 and 65-bushel mini feed bins.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like a quote with delivery right to your location.

Barn World  (720) 238-2190


Cattle Guard Information from Barn World

Buying a cattle guard doesn’t have to be complicated. You want to make sure you make the correct selection for your site and have it properly installed.

Selecting a Cattle Guard

There are many different styles and ratings to choose from but making your selection based on the type of traffic is a good place to start. If you anticipate higher speed traffic, you might want to consider the flat top rail design.

Flat Rail cattle guards

The flat top rails allow vehicles to cross at a higher rate of speed than the round rail guards. They are still an effective livestock barrier by spacing the rails far enough apart that hoofed animals can’t gain any secure footing. The space also allows cattle to see to the bottom of the vaulted area beneath which creates and optical discomfort as well.

flat rail cattle guard

Round Rail Cattle GuardS

This design is very popular and typically more economical than the flat. They are also a more aggressive livestock barrier. The curved surface provides more unstable footing as a flat hoof is difficult to balance on the round rail.

cattle guard with round top rails

This is great for keeping livestock from crossing, however it’s a bit harder on higher speed crossing vehicles. The round rails create more of a rumble and may not be appropriate for high-speed highway use.

Cattle Guard Options

Cattle Guard Wings

To prevent your livestock from walking around the ends where the fence line meets the guard, a wing is installed. This takes the horizontal fencing barrier and transfers it to the horizontal guard in the ground. The wing will bolt to the bottom of the grid and the triangle design connects to the fencing to complete the barrier.

cattle guard wing installed

Cattle Guard Foundations

Pre-cast concrete foundations allow you to simply set them in place and bolt the guards down to complete the installation. These very large and heavy optional concrete footings make setting up your barrier a breeze. They ship with the flat top rail guard and takes the most difficult part of installation and makes it very straight forward.
cattle guard set on a precast concrete foundation

For any help with choosing the correct guard for your site, please call or email and we’ll be glad to help.

Barn World
(720) 238-2190


ATV Cattle Guards from Barn World

Barn World carries a variety of cattle guards and livestock equipment for your every need and now has an ATV cattle guard.

cattle guard for atvs

This unique design allows for a quick and easy method of allowing your ATV to move through your fence lines without opening a gate. The best thing is, there’s not special installation work that needs to be done. It really is a set-in-place barrier.

Ease of Installation

This design makes installation as simple and easy as possible. There’s no need to dig a hole!  Simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground. Once in place, just re-connect your fencing to the upright stanchions and it’s ready to use, you’re done!

There’s no need to dig a hole, install a foundation or even hire a contractor. This one-piece design allows even the hobby rancher to simply drop it in place. There really isn’t anything to do other than to set it in place.

Suggestions for Setting Up

The area where he guard will rest should be clear of weeds and free from standing water.

Make sure the area is able to shed water to prevent the guard from sinking into the ground. Standing water will also contribute to corrosion and should be avoided to promote the longest useful life possible. The simple addition of crushed gravel to create a ‘French Drain’ to move water way from the crossing is well worth the time of installing.

The other suggestion is to kill the grass or weeds directly under and around the site. You want the animals to be able to see the barrier.  Just the sight of the rising metal rails is usually enough to prevent animals from wanting to cross. If it’s overgrown with weeds, you loose the visual warning and they could accidentally stumble into the guard unknowingly.

Clear the ground of weeds, lay down a weed barrier and keep the area mowed if necessary. It’s an easy job to drag the guard out and replace if needed to clear any undergrowth.


  • 1-1/2 x 11 gauge square tubing
  • 72″ wide X 91″ long
  • Ramp is 14″ tall
  • Overall width of the guard including the wings is 87″
  • Comes standard with a grey enamel finish

Pictures of the ATV cattle guard

atv cattle guard  an atv on a cattle guard  atv on a cattle guard

We are able to stack this unique design to help with shipping rates. We are able to get up to three in a single bundle for the most economical rates when shipping in the lower 48 states. Larger quantities will qualify for better L-T-L (less-than-truckload) rates.

Surprisingly, we’re able to ship most of our cattle guards in small quantities. The thing to remember is that once they arrive on-site, you’ll need to provide a mechanical (forks) means of unloading.

The weights and sizes are such that the drive won’t have a means of removing them from the vehicle. The two seat design weighs approximately 300 pounds while the longer 4-place design weighs a bit more.

Barn World still has all the cattle guards necessary for any heavy duty road project and carries this simple and easily installed ATV Cattle Guard too.

Call Barn World today to place an order for this simple and very effective cattle guard!