Pig Feeders for healthy weight gains

Barn World offers a wide selection of pig feeders or the modern farm. We have both gravity feed and ration style feeders that minimize wasted feed. The complete line up of Osborne Pig Feeders will keep your operation running at peak efficiency and keep your profits up. Ensuring your animals have a constant supply of fresh feed without any waste is the goal of each feeder and operator.

Quality Pig Feeders

Osborne pig feeders are top quality and a gold standard in the industry. Their design creates a stress-free eating environment that maximizes access to feed and healthy weight gains. The round trough offers the most feeding areas possible at one time. More pigs have room to get to the feeder because they’re not standing shoulder-to-shoulder. There’s room for more mouths and eating time.

pigs eating from a pig feeder indoors

There’s also a patented on-demand mechanical feed design that helps eliminate waste. The feeder will only release feed when it’s asked for. This eliminates standing food that can be turned into ‘play waste’.  Grain sitting in a trough easily gets knock to the floor and wasted.

Pig Feeder Designs

Self Cleaning: Another unique feature in the troughs is the self-cleaning paddles. The on-demand arms have sweeps on their bottoms so they clean as they turn through the trough. The pigs are actually cleaning their own feeder as they eat!

Wean-to-Finish Feeder

A feeder we’d like to highlight is the brand new Fast Start Pig Feeder. This radical design automatically converts from the traditional gravity fed flow to on demand only!
When the pigs are small, they really don’t have the strength or will to turn the paddles and ask for feed. The feeder will sit stationary and allow a directly feed flow to the trough as it’s consumed.

automatic pig feeder

As they get bigger, they begin to agitate the paddles. As feeder arms begin to turn, the conversion begins. To keep the higher energy growers from wasting the feed, the arms will slowly close off the free flow feature. As they go through the trough and start to swing around, the interior mechanics close off the free-flow design.

automatic pig feeder interior diagram

Once closed, feed will only be dispensed when asked for through the trough paddles – automatically!  There will no longer be grain laying around to be splashed onto the floor and wasted.

This wonderful feeder will take your young pigs from weaning to finishing all by itself.

Wean-to-Finish Feeder Specifications

Capacity – 235 lbs
Height – 36″
Trough Diameter – 31″
Hog Weight – 10 lbs to Market
Hog Capacity – Up to 60 head


All of the pig feeders are made from poly materials that are impervious to acids from pig waste. They won’t rust and are built to last. Make sure your young animals have constant access to clean food and healthy weight gains with a pig feeder from Barn World.


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