ATV Cattle Guards from Barn World

Barn World carries a variety of cattle guards and livestock equipment for your every need and now has an ATV cattle guard.

cattle guard for atvs

This unique design allows for a quick and easy method of allowing your ATV to move through your fence lines without opening a gate. The best thing is, there’s not special installation work that needs to be done. It really is a set-in-place barrier.

Ease of Installation

This design makes installation as simple and easy as possible. There’s no need to dig a hole!  Simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground. Once in place, just re-connect your fencing to the upright stanchions and it’s ready to use, you’re done!

There’s no need to dig a hole, install a foundation or even hire a contractor. This one-piece design allows even the hobby rancher to simply drop it in place. There really isn’t anything to do other than to set it in place.

Suggestions for Setting Up

The area where he guard will rest should be clear of weeds and free from standing water.

Make sure the area is able to shed water to prevent the guard from sinking into the ground. Standing water will also contribute to corrosion and should be avoided to promote the longest useful life possible. The simple addition of crushed gravel to create a ‘French Drain’ to move water way from the crossing is well worth the time of installing.

The other suggestion is to kill the grass or weeds directly under and around the site. You want the animals to be able to see the barrier.  Just the sight of the rising metal rails is usually enough to prevent animals from wanting to cross. If it’s overgrown with weeds, you loose the visual warning and they could accidentally stumble into the guard unknowingly.

Clear the ground of weeds, lay down a weed barrier and keep the area mowed if necessary. It’s an easy job to drag the guard out and replace if needed to clear any undergrowth.


  • 1-1/2 x 11 gauge square tubing
  • 72″ wide X 91″ long
  • Ramp is 14″ tall
  • Overall width of the guard including the wings is 87″
  • Comes standard with a grey enamel finish

Pictures of the ATV cattle guard

atv cattle guard  an atv on a cattle guard  atv on a cattle guard

We are able to stack this unique design to help with shipping rates. We are able to get up to three in a single bundle for the most economical rates when shipping in the lower 48 states. Larger quantities will qualify for better L-T-L (less-than-truckload) rates.

Surprisingly, we’re able to ship most of our cattle guards in small quantities. The thing to remember is that once they arrive on-site, you’ll need to provide a mechanical (forks) means of unloading.

The weights and sizes are such that the drive won’t have a means of removing them from the vehicle. The two seat design weighs approximately 300 pounds while the longer 4-place design weighs a bit more.

Barn World still has all the cattle guards necessary for any heavy duty road project and carries this simple and easily installed ATV Cattle Guard too.

Call Barn World today to place an order for this simple and very effective cattle guard!


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