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Buying a cattle guard doesn’t have to be complicated. You want to make sure you make the correct selection for your site and have it properly installed.

Selecting a Cattle Guard

There are many different styles and ratings to choose from but making your selection based on the type of traffic is a good place to start. If you anticipate higher speed traffic, you might want to consider the flat top rail design.

Flat Rail cattle guards

The flat top rails allow vehicles to cross at a higher rate of speed than the round rail guards. They are still an effective livestock barrier by spacing the rails far enough apart that hoofed animals can’t gain any secure footing. The space also allows cattle to see to the bottom of the vaulted area beneath which creates and optical discomfort as well.

flat rail cattle guard

Round Rail Cattle GuardS

This design is very popular and typically more economical than the flat. They are also a more aggressive livestock barrier. The curved surface provides more unstable footing as a flat hoof is difficult to balance on the round rail.

cattle guard with round top rails

This is great for keeping livestock from crossing, however it’s a bit harder on higher speed crossing vehicles. The round rails create more of a rumble and may not be appropriate for high-speed highway use.

Cattle Guard Options

Cattle Guard Wings

To prevent your livestock from walking around the ends where the fence line meets the guard, a wing is installed. This takes the horizontal fencing barrier and transfers it to the horizontal guard in the ground. The wing will bolt to the bottom of the grid and the triangle design connects to the fencing to complete the barrier.

cattle guard wing installed

Cattle Guard Foundations

Pre-cast concrete foundations allow you to simply set them in place and bolt the guards down to complete the installation. These very large and heavy optional concrete footings make setting up your barrier a breeze. They ship with the flat top rail guard and takes the most difficult part of installation and makes it very straight forward.
cattle guard set on a precast concrete foundation

For any help with choosing the correct guard for your site, please call or email and we’ll be glad to help.

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