Bulk Grain Bin Overviews

Barn World offers a wide variety of Bulk Feed Bins for storing and dispensing your grain and feed. The wide variety includes bins made of metal and poly material and quantities from one ton all the way up to 25 tons.


large metal and poly grain bins

Bulk feed storage is a very economical and efficient method of dispensing and managing your grain inventory. All of the bins are designed to protect your investment from the elements and common insects and pests year round. They have convenient methods of dispensing small and large quantities of grain at a time, Options allow for manual control to fill individual buckets or running large quantities through a motorized auger.


Poly Grain Bins

The poly bins will never fall victim to rust. The larger capacities are made with a single top and bottom section for easy two-piece construction. This means easy assembly and set up as the top half bolts to the bottom for a quick and clean connection.

Below are a few pictures of some of the sizes available:

large poly grain bin  poly grain bin  small poly feed bin

The bins are made with UV-resistant, translucent, high-density polyethylene. You can quickly and easily see the grain level inside the bin with just a glance. The walls are a sturdy and strong 3/16″ thick and their smooth interior helps reduce bridging and allows for free-flowing material to dispense smoothly. Their are no rivets or protruding bolts to impede flow when releasing your feed.

A bottom slide valve is available with each bin and allows for manual flow control and shut off. An auger attachment can be used for unloading large amounts quickly and efficiently. The poly wall design is great for high moisture soybeans, corn and almost any granular materials.


Metal Grain Bins

The traditional metal feed bins are available in a wide range of capacities. They’ve been the industry standard for years and a common sight throughout the US.

two metal grain bins


The metal gins are available in capacities of 108 bushels all the way up to 977 bushels. The large sizes create the need for larger diameters that range from 6′, 7′ and 9′ and get up to 25′ tall. See the size chart below for more details.

The corrugated walls are made with G-90 galvanized steel. The 4″ wide corrugation adds tremendous strength (25% more than straight steel) and will help prevent feed bridging inside.

These bins all have a top cap that can be operated from the ground for easy filling. Optional side ladders make climbing to the top convenient if you ever need to access the lid.

Under the taper hopper section, a top collar allows for the attachment of slide valves, poly boots and un-loader boxes to attach an auger. There are also seam stiffeners that create an extra-strong bolted seam and should be considered as an option with storing high-fat and heavy feeds. They do come standard with the larger 9′ diameter bins.


Feed Bin Capacity Table

Diameter Tons Fill Height Bushels Weight (lbs)
6′ x 1 Row 2.76 10 ft 8 in 111 456
6′ x 2 Rows 4.25 13 ft 4 in 171 545
6′ x 3 Rows 5.74 16 ft 0 in 231 654
6′ x 4 Rows 7.24 18 ft 8 in 291 742
————— ——– ————- ——— ———
7′ x 1 Row 4.60 13 ft 9 in 185 727
7′ x 2 Row 6.63 16 ft 5 in 266 854
7′ x 3 Row 8.66 19 ft 1 in 348 954
7′ x 4 Row 10.96 21 ft 9 in 430 1,079
7′ x 5 Row 12.73 24 ft 5 in 511 1,412
7′ x 6 Row 14.76 27 ft 1 in 593 1,622
————– ——– —————- ——— ———-
9′ x 1 Row 7.69 14 ft 2 in 308 1,020
9′ x 2 Row 11.04 16 ft 10 in 443 1,151
9′ x 3 Row 14.39 19 ft 6 in 578 1,351
9′ x 4 Row 17.75 22 ft 2 in 713 1,546
9′ x 5 Row 21.11 24 ft 10 in 848 1,776
9′ x 6 Row 24.46 27 ft 6 in 983 2,218

Barn World offers a complete selection of grain bins in both metal and poly construction for economical feed storage and dispensing. We also offer shipping directly to your farm or ranch. For smaller quantities, consider the 40 and 65 bushel mini feed bins.

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like a quote with delivery right to your location.

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