Advantages of Sheepskin Saddle Pads

sheepskin saddle pad half size

Sheepskin saddle pads have been used for superior comfort and performance for hundreds of years. This luxurious material is comprised with over 3,000 fibers for every square inch. Each of these tiny little fibers acts as a shock absorber and creates a tremendously soft riding experience.


The same properties that make it soft also create unparalleled wicking. The tiny fibers absorb and then dissipate any accumulate moisture between your horse and the pad. This naturally occurring process keeps your horse cool and allows them to perform in more comfort for longer periods of time. The perfect combination: performance and comfort!


Not only does the sheepskin provide superior cooling and comfort, it also offers protection from pressure points and chaffing. The tiny fibers allow any friction from opposite movement between the saddle and the horse to be absorbed. Keeping any rubbing and chafing from transferring to your horse is the key to high performance and long-distance riding.

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Sheepskin does not build up any static or electrical charge. The all-natural material is actually an insulator from the natural friction between your body and the horse.

The material is extremely gentle on skin as it include lanolin and is natural dir and bacteria resistant.

Cleaning your Sheepskin Saddle Pad

To make sure you get the most out of your pad, be sure to follow the recommend care instructions.

Thoroughly dry these high performance pads between your rides. This allows the tiny fibers a chance to ‘relax’, separate and re-establish their wicking and protection properties. Once dry, give the material a light brushing to help separate the individual fibers. This ensures a thick and relaxed cushion for your next ride.

full length saddle pad with blue quilting

To clean your pad, use cold water and a mild soap made for sheepskin. Some examples of light detergents are baby shampoos by Johnson & Johnson, or Ivory. Make sure to to hand wash the pads and avoid machine washing. The mechanical agitator can be a bit rough on sheepskin and may even agitate the quilting if not properly cared for.

Once clean, do not use a machine dryer. Remove the excess accumulated water with either the spin cycle on your washing machine (after hand washing of course) or letting it dry naturally. Simply set the pad out to dry in the ambient air, do not wring out or compress the sheepskin unnaturally. Do not apply any heat to accelerate the drying process.

You may slightly stretch the pad to help avoid any potential shrinkage if desired. Once dry, simply brush it lightly to separate the small fibers and your ready for another comfortable, high performance ride.

Sheepskin saddle pads offer natural protection from chaffing and sore spots and provide superior riding comfort and natural cooling! See all of the Sheepskin Saddle Pads.



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