Poly Horse Hay Feeder

No longer does a horse hay feeder have to be bulky and difficult to manage. Don’t put up with a rusting hulk of a metal feeder in your pasture!

The new design can be quickly assembled. There are four sections that bolt together on overlapping joints. This feeder that can be used just about anywhere. The single sections may be set up and bolted in a corner of a horse stall. It can also be flipped upside down to provide a lower outer wall for shorter animals.

The new poly horse hay feeder from Barn World

poly stall hay feeder for horses in a corner round hay feeder for horses in the pasture


This new hay feeder is easy to assemble, move around a pasture and is extremely durable. It only weighs 120 pounds total which makes it easy to stand on its side and roll to where it’s needed. When loading, simply roll it beside your large round bale and drop it over the top.

rolling the hay feeder to a new location setting a ploy horse hay feeder over a large round bale

Designed for Safety

The four individual panels are secured with three bolts at each overlapping joint. The bolts are recessed along the outside of the feeder so your horses won’t nick or cut themselves. The counter-sunk connections are easy to access and protect your equine legs from scrapes.

hay feeder connection countersunk bolts for horse safety

Designed to be Outdoors

The poly material is made with recycled materials and includes a UV inhibitor resin when it’s poured. This allows the feeder to be outdoors, in the sun, year-round!

Features of the Poly Horse Hay Feeder

  • Easy to assemble and move with one person
  • Designed with horse safety in mind – countersunk connections
  • Can be flipped over to accommodate smaller animals
  • Made of environmentally friendly recycled materials
  • UV-Resistant Resin designed for year-round outdoor use in the sun!
  • Environmentally conscious – made with recycled materials
  • Only weighs 120 lbs!
  • 2″ thick walls, 35″ tall and 8′ in diameter


This durable long-lasting feeder comes with a manufacturer’s one-year warranty on defects and workmanship. This feeder is built to last outdoors, in both the sun and snow and will provide years of use. It will feeder your large round bales to colts, ponies and full-grown equine!

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