Hog Feeders

Barn World has both Osborne and Sioux Steel hog feeders to take care of your animals. Take a look at the collection below and make sure you have a fresh supply of food at all times for your hogs.

Hog Feeders from Sioux Steel Hog Feeder from Osborne

Hog Feeders

A quality hog feeder provides a stress-free eating environment and keeps a fresh supply of clean food available at all times. The trick with having food accessible for maximum, healthy weight gains is to minimize waste. Each of these feeders has a unique method of keeping the trough clean when not in use to eliminate ‘play waste.’

Large Outdoor Hog Feeder

large outdoor hog feeder

This large outdoor hog feeder comes in 40, 65, and 90-bushel sizes. They’re all 56″ in diameter but the addition of wall ‘rings’ increases the capacity and overall height. Made with a polyethylene trough to eliminate rusting, the hopper section contains an on-demand-only feeder.

The top is also poly for longevity and the 65 and 90-bushel feeders come with the side ladder shown.

On-demand Feed

The feeder will only be dispensed when your hogs hit the bump bars in the trough. This eliminates standing food and thus food waste. It has 12 individual feeding stations and the trough design eliminates the need for noise doors.

Osborne Hog Feeders

Long known for quality feeders, Osborne makes a full line of pig feeders as well as a large selection of high-quality hog feeders. These feeders are available in capacities from 45 bushels all the way up to 105 bushels.

outdoor hog feeder   large capacity hog feeder

All of them use the mechanical, on-demand design to dispense feed only when needed. The trough contains a paddle that sweeps horizontally through the bottom of the trough.  As the hogs push the wheel to turn it, the paddle cleans the bottom of the trough. This sweeping action releases feed and cleans at the same time!

Feed Control

There is an adjustable feed flow control to help manage how much food is dispensed when the paddles are moved. All of this control helps minimize waste and keeps your feed fresh. These results promote healthy weight gain through efficient feeding and maximize your bottom line.

It eliminates standing and wasted food. When bumped by your hogs, a paddle sweep in the trough cleans itself and prevents food buildup while activating the mechanical dispenser. The system includes an adjustable rate feed flow for precise control and prevents bridging of the finer-sized feeds inside the feeder. The result is money saved in labor and feed that is passed directly to your bottom line!

Hog Feeder with Doors

This very popular feeder has a 60-bushel capacity and uses the traditional doors to protect the trough from the elements. Replacement doors are available individually in case they ever get worn.

hog feeder with doors

It has 12 individual feeding stations, each with its own door. Every trough is designed to accommodate the hog’s jowl and provide comfortable feeding. It has a large hinged and lockable lid to protect its full 60-bushel capacity.

The galvanized 12 gauge steel rings make a 56.5-inch diameter feeding station for hogs from 40 pounds up to a full-grown 250 pounds.

If you’d like more information on the hog feeders or a quote with shipping directly to our address, please contact us at Barn World and we’ll be happy to help.


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