A Hog Waterer keeps your animals healthy and gaining weight

A quality hog waterer will keep your hogs well-hydrated and is a must for overall health and weight gain. It’s not a difficult thing to do and with its large capacity, it will keep clean water available at all times.

hog waterer

This design has drinkers on both sides for easy access and will service large groups at one time. You can also place it in a fence line to provide water to two separate pens at once.

It may seem very basic, but making sure cool water is available year-round is crucial. Providing water in summer with this large capacity hog waterer can relieve heat stress on hot days and keep your hogs comfortable. Hydration also helps with healthy weight gains.

In the winter, it can be used outdoors when coupled with a submersible water heater to keep it from freezing.

hog waterer heater


Made with 100% non-porous polyethylene, it will not rust or corrode and is impervious to feedlot acids. This construction material also makes it easy to clean!

The trough height is only 6″ tall so even your smallest pigs will be able to drink with ease. With a trough on each side, a lot of thirsty mouths can be served at one time. Each trough lid lip is covered with a heavy-duty, steel-plated chew guard to protect the edge and make for easier cleaning.

Filling with water is easily done through the large, snap-on, and removable lid on top. It will not rust, rot or corrode.

The side walls of the drinker have easy-to-read gallon capacity calibrations molded directly into them. You can also see how much water remains through the translucent wall with a quick glance.

We cannot stress how important it is to keep your hogs healthy. with simple to supply water This quality hog waterer from Sioux Steel has a large capacity to make it easy to keep your animals in good health. Simply fill when empty!

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