Rhino Shelters Offers Rapid Deployment Tents to the U.N.

MDM Shelters, established in 2001, provides the best in instant and portable protection for any purpose. Recently they’ve developed a new product called the Disaster Relief Tent. This tent was specifically designed for use in humanitarian relief efforts. MDM Shelters has begun working with the United Nations to provide these tents to areas that are in dire need; either from natural disasters or any event that results in a large number of displaced persons. The Rhino Shelter Disaster Relief Tents were specifically designed to meet and exceed the standards of the humanitarian tents readily available to relief agencies.

A short while ago, the U.N. established a new fund which was designed to expedite their global disaster response. The idea behind this fund was to give the U.N. the capital necessary to quickly send supplies, such as humanitarian tents, to areas in need of relief. With this fund established this could be done quickly, without having to wait for the funds to be gathered first. Rhino Shelter Disaster Relief Tents fit into this model of speedy and efficient relief efforts.

MDM Shelters focused on creating humanitarian aide emergency shelters that were sturdy enough to withstand an uncertain environment and intuitive enough in its design to be assembled quickly. Like all MDM portable garages, the tent’s frame is made from heavy duty structural steel. The main cover and doors are made from long life, UV resistant, fire retardant PVC Vinyl fabric. Included with the tent is a fabric floor kit which is comfortable to sit on and backed with industrial strength rubber. These relief tents can accommodate up to 40 people easily and are versatile enough to be used in a hot or cold climate. The frame slides together so there is no need for hand tools. Also, no drilling or field cutting is needed. Thanks to the ease of construction and the fact that no preparation is needed before set up, these rapid deployment tents are perfect for implementation by the United Nations.

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