Pig Feeders from Barn World

pig feeder

Barn World has a great selection of both gravity feed pig feeders and on demand ration style feeders that minimize wasted feed. In addition, we have many different sizes of hog feeders to accommodate the different needs of nursery pigs, grower pigs, and finishing pigs. Hog feeder sizes range from 2 bushels to 90 bushels and come in indoor and outdoor options. All Barn World hog feeders are made from materials that are impervious to acids from hog waste and will last and last.

Pig Feeders by Size

The pig feeders can be used outdoors with the optional lids. They come in a variety of size from a single bushel all the way up to the large 15 bushel capacity.


They are both of the on-demand style to help eliminated food waste from just sitting in the trough.  The include designated feeding stations to bring some order to the feeder process and are able to be shipped directly to you, throughout the United States.

You can see our entire selection of feeders and livestock equipment at Barn World.


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