Keep your animals healthy with a livestock waterer

Livestock waterers are important for keeping your animals for health and weight gain. Barn World has a wide selection of waters to keep all your animals hydrated and healthy.

Open Livestock Waterers

Large Livestock Waterer in Blue
BIGspring – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 60 Gallon with heat

The large 60 gallon Big Spring Waterer is a constant-flow watering system ideally suited for free-stall dairy operations and large feedlots. If you raise beef or dairy cows, the BIGspring model is perfect to fit your needs.

LilSpring WATERER - Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)
LilSpring WATERER – Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)

Smaller waterers in the Lil Spring waterer models are ideal for small animals or groups of small animals — such as goats, llamas, ponies, horses, and many others. Lil’Spring models can accommodate multiple pens by installing them in a split-fence application. We offer them as single or double sided waterer.


MiraFount - ENERGY FREE WATERER - 4 HOLE Removable
MiraFount – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 4 HOLE Removable

Our Energy-Free Waterers:

E-Founts are the most economical electric heat waterers available today. The E-Fount is equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. E-Founts only require 4 kilowatts of electricity during a week of -25 degree F temperatures. This model is ideally suited to operations with just a few animals drinking infrequently or if extreme cold weather conditions are persistent.

We also offer the MiraFount models which are patterned after their first energy-free livestock watering systems, built more than 30 years ago. These small. medium and large capacity watering systems are ideal for beef operations, dairy herds and other livestock.


Hog Waterers

We also have utility Hog Waterers that’s great for use with pigs too!

hog waterer

Details of the waterer

  • Made of 100% non-porous polyethylene – will not rust, rot or corrode.
  • Confinement pen acids have no effect – waterers last and last.
  • Quick and easy cleaning – no pans or shields to remove from drinker trough.
  • Big hogs drink with ease from 18” wide x 17” high x 9 fl” deep drinkers.
  • Trough height from floor is 6”, so little pigs drink easily.
  • No cracks, corners or crevices to collect sediment or bacteria.
  • Each drinker has a drain plug, so washing and flushing is fast, simple and complete.
  • One dependable float and valve handles both drinkers.
  • Heavy steel-plated chew guard protects trough lip.
  • Gallon capacity calibrations molded into tank wall.
  • Float and valve completely protected from hogs.

Remember to keep your animals healthy with a animal waterer from Barn World.  Visit for all your livestock equipment needs.


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