Grain Bins from Barn World!

Barn World carries a great selection of grain bin sizes and mini-feed bins.

grain bins of various sizes

They all offer safe, dry feed storage and are available in a variety of sizes and heights. The metal bins have 6′, 7,’ and 9′ diameter sizes and are made with 4″ wide corrugated steel.  These horizontal ridges add to the strength of the walls and help reduce the resistance to the downward flow of feed so the feed is less likely to hang up on the walls and start bridging. Industry tests have proven that wide corrugation gives 25% more vertical strength than narrow corrugation and almost twice the strength of bins with no corrugation. Wider corrugation results in wider bin sheets, thereby increasing overall storage capacity. The wide-width corrugated bin holds more bushels than a narrow corrugated bin.

We also have a grain bin erection manual online for the grain bins so you can see how easy it is to assemble.

Mini Feed Bins

The mini feed bins are made from rust-proof plastic and with a metal collar. They’re available in 40 and 65-bushel capacities and a designed for filling buckets and storing everything from feeders to corn used for heating.

It allows a generous 24″ ground clearance for filling and the hopper section is made of poly material so it will never rust.

mini feed bin made with poly material

Small Feed Bin Description

  • Great for use with stoves that burn pellets or corn
  • Sealed tight to keep out bugs and moisture
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Large slide valve handles range cubes
  • Hopper valve bottom is two feet above the ground under the feed bin
  • Walls made from galvanized steel
  • Large lid locks down tightly
  • Poly boot and slide valve are included

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