Saddle pads provide performance and comfort

Barn World is proud to offer sheepskin saddle pads as well as Wool Saddle Pads for all of your riding styles and disciplines. A top quality saddle pad can make all the difference in riding performance and comfort for both you and your horse.

a blue sheepskin saddle pad

Wool Saddle Pads

The 100% wool pad offers great comfort and fit and the pads are designed to fit the shape of your horse’s back. It has excellent qualities that allow it to absorb moisture and wick it away from your horse and saddle.These pads are an essential piece of tack that belongs at the top of your list.

four saddle pads in different colors

5 Star saddle pads have a unique  two-piece construction that eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit, that means no over-cinching.  they have a true French Curve back line and withers slope.  The equine saddle pads are specifically designed to fit the shape of your horse’s back:  Wither height and back line variance along with equine hip placement are given special attention to provide the best possible saddle pad fit that will conform to the shape of your horse.  This will make both horse and rider very happy.

The saddle pads are handmade in the United States and are all natural 100% wood felt.  They are soft, durable and offer easy clean-up.

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Hay Tarps – protect your hay with an all season hay tarp

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The Bull Flex™ hay tarp is specifically designed for the cost-conscious customer who wants a tarp that is built tough as bull hide yet flexible enough to meet all of your covering needs.

We offer it to you at about the same price as you would pay for a farm store loop-style tarp plus we give you stronger fabric (7oz), stronger tie-down tabs, and a chuck wagon end that allows you to keep the Bull Flex™ hay tarp ends from flapping in the wind. You also get the opportunity to purchase the Super Cinch tie-down kit, and we can train you to install it correctly. You will find much more quality is built into the Bull Flex™ than the typical farm supply store offers.

When it comes to securing the sides of the Bull Flex™ hay tarp to your haystack, this tarp has the best of two worlds! It comes with high-strength 2″ webbing loops at 3′ spacing to tighten your tarp to the haystack instead of traditional grommets. The webbing loops provide up to 300% more strength than grommets. The Bull Flex™ hay tarp also has an innovative pocket sewn the length of the tarp on both sides. This gives you the opportunity to slip a pipe into the pocket (especially on round bale stacks) and tie down the tarp in the same manner as the popular Performer™ Hay Tarp.

The weight and strength combination of the Bull Flex™ averages nearly 20% greater than most competitive products. When combined with the use of our patented Super Cinch™ tie-down system below, you come up with a winning combination that beats out other grommet and loop-style hay tarps.

Hay Tarp Tie Down Kits

The tie-down kit makes quick work out of securing over the top of your stack or when using side curtains.  It is designed for 52′ long covers of both round and square bales. The super cinch is a pull-through cleat that keeps the ropes taut and secure.  The J-hooks are used on the hay bales themselves for extra strength.

Below are the included components of the round and square bale kits:



20 – 28’ ropes
40 – 18’ ropes
36 – Super Cinch
40 – Super Cinch
36 – 2’ ropes
40 – J-hooks

Hay Stack Side Curtains

For the ultimate protection from the elements, the side curtain will keep moisture from entering the side of your stack.  The drop-down curtains are secured with tie-downs and keep moisture from being blown in or accumulating on the side.  They are made with a heavy-duty 15-millimeter polyethylene fabric that’s a sturdy 6.5-ounces. They include 1-‘ lengths of twine on one side spaced approximately 8’ apart for the length of the curtain.

They’re silver on one side and white on the other and have become very popular for offering the best protection for large stacks.

side curtain on a large hay stack

Customers who use the hay rely upon a hay tarp or hay barn to protect the hay they purchased until the livestock has consumed it.  If hay is not protected, mold and bacteria cause spoilage of the hay.  Spoiled hay fed to livestock can create health problems.

Be sure and protect your hay and get maximum production from your livestock.

The Bull Flex™ hay tarps come in ten different sizes:  from 14×52 all the way up to 45×52!

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Hoof Stands at Barn World – for your ferrier needs

The HOOF-it® ‘All in One’ Hoof Stand

Hoof care the easy & comfortable way! Easy on the horse and the user, the Hoof-it® Stand gives you both the post and cradle integrated into one, innovative hoof stand. Do yourself a favor! Take the pain out of your back and knees with the New Hoof Stand from HOOF-it® Technologies

The HOOF-it® ‘All in One’ Hoof Stand, designed by Farrier Steve Samet, features a shock absorbing, integrated rubber cradle and hoof post into one easy to use unit.

The Hoof Stand provides a stable and safe support for the horse, allowing it to relax without putting all of it’s weight on you.

For additional safety and stability when working with the Hoof-it®Stand try the following:
* keep on foot on the base unit when working with the Hoof® Stand
* do not leave the horses leg or hoof in the cradle or on the stand, when unattended.

Benefits for Farrier’s, Veterinarians and horse Owners who use the HOOF-it® Hoof Stand:

√ Easy to use “All in One” innovative, design integrates both the post and cradle in to one.

√ The innovative design of the HOOF-it® Hoof Stand dramatically reduces your risk of getting injured during hoof care tasks.

√ The HOOF-it Stand is ideally suited for use with all types of horses, including older horses that require special support and comfort during hoof care tasks.

√ The rubber cushioned Cradle fits different hoof sizes and hugs the hoof.

Let HOOF-it® Hoof Stand deal with the majority of the horses weight during any type of hoof care tasks, rather than your back or knees.

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Livestock scale make weighing your animals a breeze!

Check out the large selection of animal scales at Barn World

livestock scales | cattle scales

BarnWorld offers a great selection of livestock scales for all sizes and types of cattle. Several of our livestock scales are perfect for 4-H projects and weighing smaller animals. We have livestock scales to weigh your cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, dogs or grain. Multipurpose livestock scales weigh smaller animals including pigs, sheep, goats and calves. Our low-profile animal scales weigh horses and llamas. We also offer livestock scales to work under your chutes and alley ways using weigh bars for a complete cattle weighting system.BarnWorld cattle scales are designed for easy loading of the cattle onto the scales with ramp ends on the platforms, platforms that are very low to the ground, and tread on the scales to keep skittish cattle from slipping and falling. Our cattle scales are portable and can be leveled to work on any surface.

4-H Multipurpose Livestock Scale System – PS 1000 Item #: PS1000$693.95
This multipurpose livestock scale is designed with 4-H in mind. Weigh pigs, sheep, goat, calves up to 1,000 lbs. 55.5″x20.1″ mild steel platform scale with end ramps. Pre-calibrated to a stainless steel digital indicator. Includes 6VDC rechargeable battery and AC adapter. Optional Indicator Stand Available.

  • Capacity– 1000 lb
  • Accurate– Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with an indicator for fast digital read out.
  • Economical to Own– There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.
  • Low Profile– 2.50″ high
  • Versatile– Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets, feed carts, bulk containers, shipping and receiving.
  • Portable– The PS1000 weighs only 60 lbs, two easy access carry handles makes this scale convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends.
4-H Multipurpose Livestock Scale System – PS 2000 Item #: PS2000$815.95
The PS2000 is just like the PS1000 except the platform is a little bit larger. It is a 59″x30″ mild steel platform that is pre-calibrated to a digital readout. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and includes an AC adapter. The maximum weighing capacity on this scale is 2,000 x .1 lb. Optional Indicator Stand Available.

  • Capacity– 2000 lb
  • Accurate– Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with an indicator for fast digital read out.
  • Economical to Own– There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.
  • Low Profile– 2.50″ high
  • Versatile– Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets, feed carts, bulk containers, shipping and receiving.
  • Portable– The PS2000 weighs only 105 lbs. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends.
  • 15′ serial cable
8” Table Top Dial Scale Portion Scale Item #: 816965001613$110.50
8″ Table Top Dial Scale with a 130lb weighing capacity; great for weighing produce, meats, hay, etc.
MTI LPL-2000 Low Profile Livestock Scale System Item #: MTI LPL-2000$1,895.00
Weigh Horses, LLamas
Low profile livestock scale package includes: 34″x84″ diamond tread aluminum platform, stainless steel digital indicator, rechargeable battery, AC adapter (charger), pre-calibration, and one-year warranty. Maximum weighing capacity 2,000 lbs.
MTI-500WB Livestock Scale System Item #: MTI-500WB$997.00
This highly durable scale is designed with simplicity, portability, and economy in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh. The standard system includes two weigh bars with built in handles and 20′ of homerun cable, quick connector, a NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with backlight, and 2-year warranty.This fully portable system is commonly used for livestock weighing – simply place the bars under an existing squeeze chute or platform and you’re ready to weigh animals. Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per bar with a total system capacity of 5,000 lb. for the 33″ and 40″ lengths. Common uses include:

  • Livestock chute weighing system.
  • Used in Alley ways for Cattle, Hogs, Sheep.
  • 5,000lb capacity floor scale – grain, hay and produce.
  • Used as portable weigh system (4-H, pasture to pasture, fairs and more.)NOTE: While Livestock Scale ships free, Optional Platforms are very heavy and do NOT ship for free. Please call for shipping estimate on Optional Platforms.
  • 33″ weigh 75lbs
  • 40″ weigh 83lbs
MTI500WB Replacement Cable – 105” Item #: MTI500WB-SC$60.90
105″, Male on both ends, 5 pin round. This cable connects the two weigh bars.
MTI500WB Replacement Cable – 200” Item #: MTI500WB-LC$62.40
200″, Male on both ends, 5 pin round. This cable connects the two weigh bars.
MTIAHS500 Sheep and Hog Scale System Item #: MTIAHS500$2,299.95
Package includes 18″x55″ aluminum platform scale, crate assembly, stainless steel digital indicator, rechargeable battery, AC adapter (charger), pre-calibration, one-year warranty. Capacities: 500lb and 1,000 lbs. Shipping is estimated based on weight and location.

  • Accurate- Provides consistent accuracy within 0.5% and is comes complete with digital indicator and “motion control” software.
  • Portable- All aluminum construction to maximize portability. 110 lbs. Easy to relocate. Gates are easy to lift.
  • Low Profile- Small animals can easily step onto the scale avoiding animal stress.
  • Durable- Complete with stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cells and a stainless steel, NEMA 4X battery-powered digital weight indicator. Built for farm use!
  • Economical to Own- Low purchase price, virtually no maintenance cost, and economical replacement parts readily available.
MTIAW42S Small Livestock Scale System Item #: MTIAW42S$559.95
Weigh Dogs, Goats, Alpacas, Grain, etc.
22″x42″ stainless steel platform scale calibrated to a digital readout. The weighing capacity is 550lbs. The scale is powered by a rechargeable batter or AC adapter. Both are included with purchase. The scale also comes with a removable rubber mat and a one-year warranty.

  • Accurate and reliable
  • “Hold” feature for unstable loads like animals or large packages
  • Stainless steel or mild steel weight platform
  • 550 lb x 0.2 lb (250 kg x 0.1 kg) capacity
  • Rechargeable battery or AC powered
  • Auto power off
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and light weight