Saddle pads can make or break your riding, choose quality and comfort

Barn World is proud to offer equine saddle pads, the top quality saddle pad and a must to properly fit your saddle to your horse.

The 100% wool equestrian saddle pad offers the best fit and comfort possible for you and your horse.  The saddle pads are designed to fit the shape of your horse’s back and is excellent at absorbing moisture and wicking it away from your horse.  This pad is an essential piece of tack that belongs at the top of your equestrian horse tack list.  Of all the saddlery tack available, it may be the most important to your horse for riding comfort.

5 Star saddle pads have a unique  two-piece construction that eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit, that means no over-cinching.  they have a true French Curve back line and withers slope.  The equine saddle pads are specifically designed to fit the shape of your horse’s back:  Wither height and back line variance along with equine hip placement are given special attention to provide the best possible saddle pad fit that will conform to the shape of your horse.  This will make both horse and rider very happy.

The saddle pads are handmade in the United States and are all natural 100% wood felt.  They are soft, durable and offer easy clean-up.

For the best in saddle pad equine tack, visit Barn World at today!


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