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Stock Tanks and Livestock Waterers –  Weathering the Drought

This summer has already seen the worst drought conditions since 1988. More than 1,000 counties in 26 states are classified as natural disaster areas. Since July 10th, 60 per cent of the lower 48 states were in drought conditions. This includes states from South Carolina to Nevada and is the most land affected since the US Drought Monitor began keeping records 12 years ago.

These conditions require that your livestock, horses, hogs and other animals have a fresh supply of water constantly. The high temperatures will dehydrate and negatively affect your animals health.

Barn World carries a large selection and supply of galvanized stock tanks and livestock waterers to ensure you have healthy animals.


Hog Waterer

Our hog waterer is built to provide a constant supply of water for your animals and is made in a large 80 gallon size.

hog waterer

Hog Waterer Features

    • Made of 100% non-porous polyethylene will not rust, rot or corrode.
    • Confinement pen acids have no effect waterers last and last.
    • Quick and easy cleaning no pans or shields to remove from drinker trough.
    • Big hogs drink with ease from 18 inches wide x 17 inches high x 9 inch deep drinkers.
    • Trough height from floor is 6″, so little pigs drink easily.
    • No cracks, corners or crevices to collect sediment or bacteria.
    • Each drinker has a drain plug, so washing and flushing is fast, simple and complete.
    • One dependable float and valve handles both drinkers.
    • Heavy steel-plated chew guard protects trough lip.
    • Gallon capacity calibrations molded into tank wall.
    • Float and valve completely protected from hogs.
    • Manual fill
    • 41 lbs.

We also carry waterers for livestock and horses as well.
livestock waterer  white horse drinking from post waterer  water trough

Here’s a great little corner stall waterer for horses:

stall waterer for horses

Horse Stall Waterers

  • For use in single horse stall.
  • Smooth rounded edges for safety.
  • Durable 100% polyethylene construction; urethane foam insulation.
  • Easy valve access; one-screw, quick water level adjustment.
  • Minimum intrusion on stall space.
  • Four-bolt installation.
  • Plumb from above or below.
  • Ample drinking space; plentiful water supply with minimal waste.
  • Large easy drain; no disassembly required.
  • Attractive design; five color options.
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included.

Poly Stock Tanks

Barn World also carries poly stock tanks, great for livestock, hogs and even kids swimming pools!  These tanks come in as large 9′ diameter and are great for cooling off from the summer sun.

plastic stock tank  round stock tank

Our weather resistant, multipurpose wading pool lasts year after year.

  • The ultimate wading pool – perfect for summer afternoon wading, splashing, and cool relaxing fun.
  • Sidewall are only 24″ high, so kids (of all ages) just step in.
  • Tough pools made for heavy use.
  • 6′ diameter pool holds 335 gallons of water.
  • Both are big pools for big family fun.

Bottomless Stock Tanks

And for the herds, we carry the bottomless stock tanks, from 2,668 gallons up to 11,486 gallons.  These large livestock tanks are a great addition for keeping a large herd of animals hydrated throughout the summer.

bottomless stock tank with a liner installed
Keep cool this summer with our large selection of livestock tanks and wading pools. Visit Barn World today or call (720) 238.2190 for all your watereing needs around your ranch!





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