Contoured Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads provide tremendous comfort and performance. The bi-level Australian Merino sheepskin is so thick and well conforming that it can relieve pressure points and friction spots. The plush fibers create a material that lifts sweat and moisture that allows it to wick away heat. This keeps you and your horse cool under pressure while enjoying a secure fit for your saddle.

There a three different pad cuts for every type of riding and each has cantle and pommel roll options.  Below is a look at the contoured sheepskin saddle pads.

Contoured Saddle Pads

The contoured design is one of the most popular and is used in many disciplines. The sheepskin pads offer three different roll designs:  Pommel Roll, Pommel and Cantle Rolls and a Fully Rolled edge

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel Roll only

The pommel roll is one of the most important when securing your saddle. The forward movement created when your horse is stopping or changing direction can create a forward sliding issue with your saddle.  The rolling of the sheepskin over the front edge of the pad helps prevent forward saddle movement.

contoured saddle pad with pommel roll  black sheepskin saddle pad with a pommel roll

The pad is available with a full lining as pictured above on the right and well as a partial lining. The partial lining doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the leg sections as shown on the right.

There are also two different leg cuts. The dressage pad has slightly thinner leg at 15″ than the English pad design.

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel and cantle Rolls

The addition of the cantle roll adds even more saddle security than just the pommel roll alone. With a roll at each end of the pad, the saddle sits securely between the two for the best possible performance.

sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle rolls  contoured sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle roll

The dressage and English cuts are also available with both rolls and in a full or partial lining. The lining itself is over 1″ thickness and provide exceptional comfort and fit.

The quilting is available in navy, black and white colors.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad with Fully Rolled Edges

The fully rolled edge combines the great fit and performance of the front and rear rolls with the great looks of completely rolled edge. The incredible comfortable and very plush sheepskin saddle pads are fully lined and the sheepskin itself is rolled completely over to the top side of the pad for extra fit security, comfort and good looks!

The English and Dressage cuts are still available in the fully rolled pad and the extra edge looks great too.

sheepskin saddle pad with fully rolled edges  sheepskin saddle pads with fully rolled edges

Benefits of Sheepskin

Sheepskin has over 3,000 fibers per square inch that act as very small shock absorbers. It also offers incredible wicking abilities that lift moisture and help cool your horse while riding. It collects and dissipates the sweat to keep your horse cool and performing at it’s best.

The extra thick cushioning helps prevent rubbing and contact sores too. The sheepskin won’t build any static electricity and is gentle on the skin.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad Care Instructions

To wash the pad, it’s recommended it be hand washed in cold water with a mild soap. Suggested soaps include the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo or Ivory Snow Flakes. The agitator in washing machines can be rough on the sheepskin and stretch the quilting.

It’s recommended that the pads be allowed to dry completely before riding again. This gives the fibers a chance to stabilize. To help dry more quickly, you may squeeze the pad or put it in washing machine only on the spin cycle. We don’t recommend wringing out the pad by twisting as it cause deformation.

These wonderful pads are a great addition to you saddle tack collection and will provide years of performance and comfort. Click the following link to see the entire sheepskin saddle pad collection at Barn World.




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