Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads offer a natural pad fabric that provides superior protection and comfort for you and your horse. The small individual fibers create a cushion of comfort. Each one acting as a tiny spring that alleviates pressure points and potential friction. They also wick away moisture and keep your horse comfortable and cool.

full length saddle pad with a pommel roll and partial lining

These full length saddle pads are great for your confidence and can give a competitive edge. These pads are designed and used for packing, barrel racing and Western riding.

Sheepskin Saddle Pads

These elite equine pads are made with full and partial lining  designs for your type of riding. They’re great for the training ring as well as for use in competition events. The sheepskin itself is one inch thick Australian Merino. One inch thick, high quality sheepskin makes for an extremely plush lining. The thick lining creates a fantastic cushion for long distance rides and great performance.

These pads are available with cantle and pommel rolls if desired for saddle security.  For a complete look, you may even select a fully rolled edge as well. Even the most demanding ride won’t be able to move your pad out of place. There won’t be slipping of the saddle and you’ll look great too!

The saddle blanket and pad contours to the shape of the back of your horse.

Cleaning your Saddle Pad

Sheepskin is a resilient material that can be easily cleaned and ready for use quickly. To effectively clean, simply wash with a mild detergent and cold water. To dry, squeeze without twisting and lay out in the sun or on a flat surface. For faster drying, you can use the spin cycle on your washing machine.

Be sure you don’t wash in your washing machine as the agitator may distort the quilting or agitate the sheepskin itself.

Once dry, take a light brush and fluff to restore the resiliency of the sheepskin. This reestablishes the cushioning and wicking abilities of the pad.

Styles and Options

The full-length sheepskin saddle pads are available with front, real and full rolls. They are made with full or partial linings as shown below. The cuts are available for Dressage and Contoured All Purpose designs.

Saddle Pads with Partial Linings

These pads have an interior lining that comes 1/2 the way down
full length sheepskin saddle pad with blue quilting and a partial lining  a full length saddle pad with pommel roll and partial sheepskin lining

Saddle Pads with Full Rolled Linings

Fully lined pads can have sheepskin rolled over the entire edge
a blue quilted sheepskin saddle pad with a fully lined roll  white sheepskin saddle pad for horses

A sheepskin saddle pad offers extreme comfort for your horse and high performance for your saddle. The thick cushioning offers protection from sores and wicks away sweat and heat. These quality pads have great benefits for you and your equine partner.

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