A Small Feed Bin to hold almost anything

Sometimes you don’t need the large storage capacity and giant footprint a grain bin provides. Smaller quantities can be stored and dispensed from a small feed bin that sets up easily and takes up much less space.

The mini feed bin was made for dispensing grain, heating corn, pellets and almost any granular material.

mini feed binThese small grain bins come with a poly boot and slide valve on the bottom and provide 24″ of ground clearance for filling buckets. They’re available in 40 and 65 bushel capacities. The lid and hopper are made of poly material so they won’t ever rust or corrode.

Both sizes use strong galvanized steel walls and a very large lid for easy filling. The lip of the lid drops down over the top of the bin flange to eliminate water from entering. The lid is clamped down with the handle (#4) as shown below.

small grain bin lid diagram

These bins ship un-assembled to take advantage of the best available shipping rates and do require some assembly.  Below are links to the assembly manuals for both sizes:

Assembly Manual Links

  • 40 bushel feed bin assembly manual
  • 65 bushel feed bin assembly manual

Mini Grain Bin Features

  • perfect for storing stove pellets or corn
  • made for year-round outdoor use
  • protects and seals to keep out bugs and moisture
  • comes with a large bottom slide valve for easy dispensing
  • galvanized steel walls, poly lid and hopper
  • very large lid locks tightly
  • 40 bushel (5’diameter x 8′ tall) equals 2,240 lbs. capacity
  • 65 bushel (5’diameter x 10′ tall) equals 3,640 lbs. capacity

Below are pictures of the assembled 40 and 65 bins

mini feed bin assembled and in the field         65 bushel mini feed bin diagram



In the picture above, a customer has mounted the legs to wood to help support them for display purposes. Many customers ask if the bin can be mounted in the back of a truck.  Installing in vehicle isn’t recommended. The momentum of the material held up high during a change of direction or a quick stop can compromise the frame. Those excessive moving loads can be too much during a change of direction. When you have thousands of pounds held up high as they are in this bin, there is a lot of sideways force on the legs and it’s best to be used on the ground.

The feed bin should bolt to a concrete slab to prevent high winds from tipping it when empty. It also adds to the structural integrity of the vertical legs when they’re bolted into place. There are details in the assembly manuals above and here’s a diagram for reference:

feed bin anchor bolt diagram

When you need to store and protect feed, pellets or really any granular material from the elements or pests, these great little bins are the answer. The 40 bushel holds just over a ton while the larger 65 bushel has just over a 1.5 ton capacity.

The poly hopper section eliminates rust and filling bucket with the gravity feed system is easy to use.

The bins do ship on a pallet through the United States and require a some assembly.

If you’d like a quote with shipping, please email Sales@BarnWorld.com or call us anytime at (720) 238-2190 and we’ll be happy to help.



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    • Thank you for your interest in the Mini Bins from Barn World. The 40 bushel is currently $1,650 and the 65 bushel is at $2,200. You may see the pricing and more information on each bin by clicking here.

      If you’d like a quote with shipping, please let us know how many of each size you need, forward your delivery address, and whether you have a forklift to unload these heavy pallets when they arrive or if you’ll require a liftgate.

      Thanks again – Barn World – Sales@BarnWorld.com

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