Floor Insulation Panels for Radiant Heat

Heating the concrete floor beneath your feet is a quiet and extremely efficient means of provide whole room warmth throughout your room. Floor insulation panels make sure the heat stays above ground and in your slab. Hydroponic heat can be simply installed and provide a warm and economical heating source for decades.

The insulating panels are made for use almost anywhere and are popular for use where concrete or gyp-crete is normally installed: main living area slabs, basements, garages and above grade installations.

radiant floor heat insulation panel

Crete Heat Floor Insulation Panels

To keep your heat from being lost into the ground below, floor insulation is necessary. The Crete Heat Floor Panels offer a simple and effective barrier to reflect and retain heat in your floor.

The foam boards themselves measure 25″ x 49″ overall and are designed to link together to prevent movement and help with layout. The also keep them from moving when the cement is poured on top. The modular boards create a Lego type design that holds the tubes in place. The knobs also protect the tubing from damage when walking on the panels or rolling over with a wheel barrel.

Floor Panel properties

The panel insulation is available in three different thickness and provide varying R-ratings. Not everyone requires the maximum R-15 insulating properties of the 3″ thick panels so ratings of 6 and 10 are also offered.

Properties of Floor Insulation

Thickness of the Insulation3″2″1″
Total Overall Thickness3-7/8″2-7/8″1-7/8″
Thermal ResistanceR-15R-10R-6
Total Thickness3 7/8″2 7/8″1 7/8″

Keeping the heat above the ground so it can warm the concrete above is important to maximize the heat sent to the slab. These panels keep the heat from dissipating into the ground and focus it upward where it’s needed, They’ll improve heating of the floor surface by as much as 2/3!

Floor Heat Panel Installation

The insulating properties make these boards quickly pay for themselves but they also shine during installation. The pex knobs allow a single person to layout the tubing grid and protect the tubing while holding it in place during the pouring of cement. This feature frees up others and can produce tremendous savings in labor.

The raised knobs securely hold the pex tubing in place and makes laying out your design easy. You can immediately see how the heat source will be dispersed into the slab.

Each of the knobs use 3″ centers so there is not guess work on spacing and the pex won’t move when the cement is poured.  There is no taping or tube-piercing staples need to secure the fluid carrying tubes in place. Simply push them into place and they’re firmly held where you want them.

Pictures of the Installation Process

installing the pex tubing into the floor insulation panelsfloor heat panels holding pex tubing 
 floor heat panels with pex tubing layout  pouring cement on top of the floor insulation panels


When installing a radiant floor heating system, be sure to include floor insulation panels. They’ll not only save money and pay for themselves over time, but their ability to make the tubing layout simple and secure during installation can’t be over-valued!

If you’d like a quote with shipping for your project, just let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

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