Cattle Hay Feeders

Hay feeders are designed to minimize waste, save money and keep clean feed available for your animals at all times. Barn World offers a very large selection of feeders to ensure your hay gets to your animals and isn’t literally trampled into the ground. That can really hurt profits!

Below are a few of our more popular feeders that excel at keeping hay contained and available for your livestock and horses.

Big Animal Hay Feeder

cattle hay feeder being loaded in a pasture

This is a large, 8.5′ diameter feeder that tapers to just over 7′ at the top. It’s over 54″ tall and has a 24″ tall hay-saving skirt welded around the bottom to contain fallen hay. This keeps it from blowing away from the feeder and keeps it where it can be eaten.

The 15-feed opening allows it to feed large herds and with a 16 gauge steel frame, it’s designed to stand up to your roughest animals. It’s finished with a strong powder coat, weighs 285 pounds, and is built for feeding cows and large bulls alike.

Round Bale Feeder for Cattle

Cattle Hay Feeder

This is also a rugged round bale feeder designed for heavy-duty use with cattle and bulls. It has 12 feeding stations that are 20.5″ apart and are created with 16 gauge rectangular steel.

Weighing in at a hefty 427 pounds and 58″ tall, it’s one of the heavier feeders on the market. The bottom of the feeder is 9′ 8″ in diameter and tapers down to 7′ 6″ at the top.

The feeder has no sharp edges and without a top bar over the feeding stations, it’s great for horses too.

It is also powder coated and comes with mud legs to keep the frame and skirt out of the mud and help prevent rusting.

Cattle Hay and Grain Feeder

Cattle Hay Feeder with a Grain Trough

This is an incredibly solid, one-piece feeder that suspends the hay over a pan which can be used for feeding grain or to catch falling hay. It’s made with a heavy-duty 2″ square frame and a powder-coated finish.

The hay rack keeps the grain off the ground and away from dirt and mud. Your livestock will have access to the entire bale and anything that falls is caught by the pan below.

This is one rugged cattle feeder for your largest and most rambunctious animals!

These are just some of the hay feeders we have at Barn World and all are designed to save you money and make feeding large bales to large herds a snap.

See our entire selection by clicking here and let us know if you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your address today!


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