Poly Horse Hay Feeders

The cost of hay is a major component of your overall expense in caring for your equine friends.

A long-lasting quality hay feeder can pay for itself over time. A feeder made of tough and durable polyethylene means you don’t have to worry about sharp edges or rusting out in the elements.  They’re lightweight and easy to load and move to where it’s needed.

Keep your feed contained and feed large groups of horses easily with these large Poly Horse Hay Feeders from Barn World.

The Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder

poly horse hay feeder

The popular Poly Round Hay Feeder shown above is an extremely popular feeder. It comes in three, bolt-together pieces to aid in shipping. All of the connecting bolts are recessed so your horses can’t scratch or cut themselves when feeding or walking around the feeder.

The strong connections allow it to be tipped on it’s side to be easily moved by rolling from pasture to pasture by one. It also makes loading a new round bale simple and straightforward, just flip it over the new bale!

Loading and Moving the Feeder

The legs have slots in them so you can stake the feeder down to prevent the wind or your animals from moving it around.

For shorter animals, you can flip the entire feeder upside down so the legs are facing up. It will rest on the top without the additional height of the legs which lowers the feeder about 6″ or so for your smaller eaters.

horse hay feeder upside down for shorter animals

The poly round horse hay feeder is made with UV-resistant resin and is designed to be outdoors year-round. See it by clicking here!

Covered Horse Hay Feeder

horses eating from a covered hay feeder

A covered hay feeder protects your investment from the elements but provides access to fresh feed year round. This protection will reduce waste created by rain, snow, and wind. It also prevents the wind from taking it away to be trampled by the very animals that need it.

horse eating from a covered hay feeder in the snow

This horse hay feeder has eight individual feeding stations to provide a stress-free eating environment.

horses inside a covered hay feeder

To fill the feeder, you tip it on its side and drop it over the bale. It has a large interior and measures 84″ x 72″ wide. It is built to be used outdoors year-round and has UV-stabilized resin in its polyethylene material. Poly also means it won’t rust or corrode and the smooth design protects from scratch and cuts.

See this unique covered hay feeder here!

The strengths of polyethylene have come a long way in even the last five years. Both of these strong feeders are designed for outdoor use and will save your hay from the elements for years to come!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the material or equine feeders in general at Barn World.


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