The Bull Tuff Hay Feeder – the toughest of the cattle feeders!

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Barn World has a large selection of hay feeders ad one of the toughest hay feeders on the market is the Bull Tuff  hay feeder.  it’s built to accommodate large livestock and can handle any abuse with its strong design and 16gauge steel workmanship.  This hay feeder is built to last and is virtually indestructible.

Below is a short video of the Bull Tuff hay feeder from Sioux Steel:

Video Text:

This is the Sioux Steel BullTuff hay feeder.  It comes in three easy to assemble joints, bolted together.  It’s 9.8 foot round at the bottom and it’s 8 foot around the top and allows you to accommodate any size bail that you’re going to put in here.  It’s made of 16gauge steel, all rounded corners.  You’re going to be able to feed bulls, buffalo, horses and anything that you have, this thing is going to handle.  It’s made in the high country Brown and it’s going to take anything that your stock can put to it.

Some of the great features of this hay feeder include:

  • 9`6 bottom diameter tapers to 8`6 at the top
  • Tapered top limits feed waste, but accepts 6 foot large bales
  • 3 piece bolted assembly
  • 12 feed openings
  • 9 heavy-duty mud legs keep feeder off the ground
  • Designed to take years of tough use
  • No sharp edges protects necks and manes
  • Feeds 20 head
  • Saves 6%-8% of you hay bale

    Visit Barn World today for all of your hay feeder and livestock supply needs, or call 720-238-2190.


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