Mineral feeders: Make sure your livestock is getting nutrition it needs


Mineral Feeder Post

The upright mineral feeder from Sioux Steel perfects the balance between protecting the minerals from the elements and providing a constant supply of minerals for your livestock.  With its 360° swiveling, beveled poly hood, it offers aerodynamic directional protection that’s not common in a lot of mineral feeders. This feature alone will save a lot of money from being blown away by the elements.

Upright Mineral Feeder

Below is a short video on the upright mineral feeder from Sioux Steel that shows just how large and how much protection from the elements the mineral feeder offers.

Video Text:

“This is this Sioux Steel upright hooded mineral feeder.  The beveled hood opening is large enough to accommodate horned cattle and the low center of gravity adds to stability.  The 16gauge steel tubular frame is built for stability and strength.  The aerodynamic hood and wind vane aid in directional control.  The free hundred and 60° rotation protects the minerals from the elements.  Mineral feeders can be fun.”

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