Drive Over Gates Are A Cattle Guard Alternative

Drive Over Gates are a great Cattle Guard Alternative

Barn World is excited to announce the arrival of the Drive-Over Gate. No need to stop to open a gate, pull through only to stop again to close the gate. This gate allows you to simply drive right over it! It will return to its upright position automatically as soon as the vehicle or trailer is clear.

truck crossing over a drive over gate

Drive Over Gate Uses

The gate allows easy access to all your fenced-in areas without the hassle of leaving your vehicle to open and close your gates. This simple design has been tested in high-traffic feedlots with all sorts of different vehicles. We tested it repeatedly with very large tractors and heavy loads to ensure the durability of the gate and with the weight of every load transferred directly to the ground, there was no limit to what the gate could handle. It proved extremely durable and trouble-free as shown in the video above.

It also allows for smaller ATVs, walk-through, and walk-over traffic to easily pass a fence line. Large or heavy loads are not necessary to ‘open’ the gate and it is easily passable by stepping on it or by removing the pass-through stakes and simply replacing them once you’ve gone through.

It also works well with your irrigation pivots!

Drive over gate set up for irrigation pivot wheels

Gate Operation

The Drive-Over Gate is held in position with solid, heavy-duty springs that ensure many years of trouble-free use and is designed to be opened by all vehicles, large and small, from ATVs to large tractors with trailers. The tension on the springs may be adjusted to keep the gate as firm as you’d like from day one to through day 10,000.

No more gates to open or close! This gate allows you to drive right over it without exiting your vehicle! It returns to its upright position automatically and is extremely durable.

The gate is accessible from both sides and is easily pushed down by all vehicles and implements – from a small ATV to a tractor with attachments. Irrigation pivots can cross fences at any time and if you need to walk through, simply pull out one or two of the cushion rods and step through the gate. You may also just push the gate over slightly and step on it to cross.

  • Easy for one person to set up and move to a different location
  • Available in 6′, 14′ or 16′ widths
Drive over gate Video

Livestock gate

The drive-over or push-over gate is great at containing your animals while allowing easy access to all of your pastures and fenced-in areas. The gates are large and sturdy enough that livestock won’t look twice at them as a means of escape. Even if they do try and ‘test’ it, a push against the gate only leads to the gate pushing back and frightening the animal away. They quickly learn not to mess with the moving gate.
The speed that the gate ‘resets’ to its upright position may be adjusted by varying the tension on the springs or the telescoping tubing. There isn’t much pressure on the rods when they are in the down position so they barely tickle the underside of a vehicle as it crosses over. Please see the above video for a demonstration.

Installing a Drive Over Gate Cattle Guard Alternative

With its simple and reliable design, it’s very easy to install the gate. The site must be level and clear of obstructions in both directions for proper performance. In the winter, you’ll want to make sure the snow doesn’t pile up on either side as the weight of a crossing vehicle may bend the rods when compressed over large ice buildups. The gate is virtually maintenance-free.

Cattle Guard Alternative

This gate has been used to provide easy access to all fence lines and its durability allows for all types of vehicles to cross effortlessly. When comparing it to a cattle guard installation, there is no comparison. No vaulted area or foundation is required to be dug and poured with concrete. A 6-8 inch gravel base is recommended and it installs in much less time, without an engineer, contractor, or permits needed that are necessary with a cattle guard install. Simple to install and simple to use is why this gate is so popular and effective.

drive over gate brochure

If you have any questions or would like a quote with shipping, please contact Barn World at 720.238.2190 or send an email to, and we will be more than happy to help!

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  1. We apologize but the drive-over gates were discontinued about five years ago and we don’t know if they’ll be manufactured again.

    • We apologize, but the company that made the gates has gone out of business. We hope someone will pick up manufacturing them again as they were pretty popular.

  2. I would like to know the cost of the drive over gate. Please note the different lengths and costs for the standard height gates.

  3. I understand that the drive over gate is no longer being produced, however might the company have leftover pieces to sell so that we could put our own together?

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