Cattle Guards for Livestock Containment

Cattle guards are designed to keep livestock from crossing through your fence lines while allowing traffic-free access without stopping. The spacing of the top rails creates unstable footing and prevents cows from walking on them. These top rails are available in round and flat top designs for different types of traffic and crossing speeds.
cattle guard in roadway

Please note that we do not recommend using these devices with horses. They have more slender hooves and legs which increases the risk of one sliding through. Once through the top rails, the leg is exposed to breaking if a struggle to get out ensures. It’s best to use a standard gate with horses.

We do have Concrete Cattle Guard Forms that have a ‘bottom’ between the uprights. This prevents a slender hoof from sliding through and between steel rails. The forms are more economical to ship than traditional steel designs, can be poured on-site, and are reusable. You can make as many concrete cattle crossings as you need.

Concrete Cattle Guard
concrete cattle guards

If you have dogs that you want to contain, you should use a gate. Dogs have soft pads for feet and can walk across the top rails with no problem at all. Goats and sheep are also animals that require a gate to keep them going through your opening. Even though they both have hooves, they are very good at balancing and can tip-toe across the rails.

To be effective with deer, extra depth (the distance in the direction of travel) must be increased so these athletic animals don’t just jump across. This requires two cattle grids bolted together, side-by-side to create a distance of 12 to 14 feet at a minimum. You’ll also need to make sure the fencing around your property is high enough to prevent them from jumping over at more remote areas.

Cattle Guard Wings

Another often overlooked part of the livestock barrier installation is the transition from the fence line to the guard itself. If the fencing is simply terminated at a post set in the middle of the guard, cows will be able to just step around the post and avoid the grid altogether.

The wings take the vertical fencing barrier and transition it to the horizontal barrier in the ground. They prevent animals from stepping around the end post and spread the fencing to each end of the guard.

Cattle Guard Wing

cattle guard wings

If you need any help designing or selecting the proper cattle guard type for your installation, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

If you have any questions or need help planning your project, please call or email Barn World and we’ll be happy to help! or 720-238-2190


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