Animal Blower and Vacuum Parts

Barn World carries a large selection of animal vacuums now, we’ve added replacement parts too!

We’ve carried the Electro Cleaner animal dryers and vacuums for years and now provide parts for the every available model. Our parts and accessories page (click here) allows you to order just the part you need without having to buy a new unit.

Animal Dryer Parts

For your everyday cattle and dog grooming, we carry a full line of blowers that range for the portable to high volume heavy-duty animal dryers.  They’re used for everything from stationary canine drying to grooming your prize cattle before a show.

animal dryer

Large Animal Blower Parts

We also now carry the larger, but still portable and very popular Electro Groom Horse Vacuum and Blower. The large dependable units have been in use through the US in high volume riding barns for decades. They provide reliable service and a great for drying your equine friends as well as vacuuming loose hair, dust and debris.

The dependable and long-lasting design means access it parts will extend their useful service life even longer.  With our parts selection you can replace just the part you need instead of the entire unit and save yourself money!

Horse Vacuum Electro Groom

A lot of part replacements can be done quickly and easily. We have added an instructional video page that shows how some of the most common repairs are done to keep your machines running without a repair call.

Please feel free to call us if you need help deciding what spare parts you need for your Electric Cleaner Company grooming products.  We’ll be happy to help with parts or with a new unit anytime! |  (720) 238-2190


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