How is a Cattle Guard delivered?

Cattle guards can be one of the most useful time savers when crossing through a fence line. They don’t require you to stop and open a gate only to pull forward and do it all over again. You know how it goes, it’s most likely in deep snow and during a downpour! However, once installed, these long-lasting, set-and-forget livestock barriers can be the ultimate in convenience for you, your equipment, and your guests.

Below are some quick explanations of what to expect regarding the delivery and unloading process for these large cattle grids.

Concrete Foundations

cattle guard on concrete foundations

How is a cattle guard delivered?

Cattle guards are very large, one-piece steel structures that require a long, heavy-duty delivery vehicle. Typically a semi-truck is used which can raise some issues.

Entry and Exit

Due to their long trailer lengths, access to a large delivery and unloading area is necessary. This requires easy entry and exit from the site so the rig may pull through or use a large turn-around area to leave.

Unloading Equipment Requirements

The large weights involved also require that the receiver is able to provide a mechanical means of unloading upon arrival. The delivery vehicle and driver are unable to unload them from the truck so equipment must be present when the delivery is made.

From a shipping perspective, cattle guards are very large and extremely heavy., very heavy, and therefore expensive to ship. They are usually shipped by a freight company on a semi-truck. They can either be shipped inside a box trailer or on a flatbed trailer. If you include the wings, they must be shipped on a flatbed trailer. Consider buying a cattle guard with bolt-on wings as they can be shipped by either flatbed or box trailer and stack nicely. The bolt-on feature allows for more economical shipping are easy to install in the field.

Make sure you have the ability to unload the heavy cattle grid from the trailer when you arrange your delivery date as the freight trucks do not have any kind of un-loader.  You must have a forklift or front-end loader ready when it arrives.

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