Cattle Guard Synonyms

There are many names for what we, in the American West, call cattle guards. These effective livestock barriers are a simple series of parallel bars, made with either square or round top rails that are set in the ground across a road. They allow a vehicle tire to simply roll across the gaps created between the top rails while providing a physical deterrent for flat-hoofed animals.

Cattle Guard Installation

cattle guard with wings diagram
Sometimes, they’re ironically called cattle crossings but they’re actually anything but that. They’re designed to prevent livestock from crossing and not to provide a crossing for cattle!

In New Zealand, they are more appropriately called cattle stops and in the United Kingdom can be known as a cattle grid. Australians commonly refer to them as cattle grates and other names in the US include the Texas Gate, livestock guard, and cattle grill. As long as they keep your cattle from wandering away, any name will do.


Even though they’re called different names, they’re both available in steel and concrete. Steel is by far the most common material and they’re seen in use around the county. Concrete offers great flexibility for private use and can be much more economical than steel. They can also be highway-rated like steel.


The most common construction material is steel pipe. The pipe, also known as rails, is available in both flat and round rails. The top rails for the flat top guards are shaped like hexagons and create a flat surface for rolling tires. They’re good for high-speed traffic areas and give a smoother ride to crossing vehicles.

The round is a little more aggressive for livestock. and the concrete can be placed just about anywhere!


Visit Barn World and see our large varieties of whatever you prefer to call them. We have the right configuration for private use as well as highway ratings from the AASHTO for your operation. We can help with any decisions you may be facing.

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