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Barn World has a large selection of cattle guards to choose from. Once installed, you’ll no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of opening and closing gates again!  Pass through your fence-lines with ease while your cattle remain securely contain with these livestock barriers!

There are many different types, styles and options available when selecting a cattle crossing for your property. Load ratings, boxes, wings and foundations are all available options.

Take a look at some of the general styles and features available below and if you’d like a quote with shipping or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call anytime 720-238-2190.

Rated Cattle Guards

The H-rated cattle guards are designed for highway use and certified to meet DOT requirements for public road projects. There are also designs with higher, heavy-duty load ratings for off-road use for BLM, USFS, NP, and US Military installations.

The off-highway rating requirements are much higher than the H-ratings. They’re used for rugged service in commercial applications such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and petroleum production.

flat top rail cattle guard

Standard Cattle Guards

Barn World also carries a less expensive option for private property. They’re built for everyday use on private driveways and farms. They carry fully-loaded semis, farm equipment and everyday traffic on private land. These are much more economical and very popular for driveway use.

The standard cattle guards are made of NEW, 3″ outside diameter, schedule 40 steel. All round top rail cattle guards may be ordered with optional wings, integral box, or the removable box.

round top rail cattle guard   different types of cattle guards

Cattle Guard Options

There are a lot of available options to fit individual site requirements. An effective livestock barrier requires load carrying considerations as well as some optional features to be effective. Take a look at some of the more common illustrated below.

Cattle Guard Wings

The wings prevent your cattle from walking around the connection between the fence and the cattle guard itself. They physically transfer the vertical barrier that your fence line creates into the horizontal livestock barrier the crossing creates in the road.

Without this physical transition, cows could simply step around the end post that terminates at the cattle crossing and easily escape to greener pastures.

wings installed on a cattle guard

Box Options

There are two different box types available: integral and welded.

The integral box is a steel skirt welded to the perimeter of the cattle grid. It does not add any structural integrity but is simply there to keep dirt from sliding in underneath the grid when lay directly on the ground.

boxed cattle guard

Installation is as simple as laying directly on the ground and creating a dirt ramp on either end so vehicles may cross.

These are typically used when an excavated vaulted area is not necessary. This type of installation is common in low traffic areas such as driveways, remote cell phone towers and oil operations. Temporary installation is also benefit from the ability to pick the guard up and move to another location. This makes it popular at construction sites.

With the removable box, you may lift the grid from the installation without disturbing the surrounding area. Lift the grid to clean underneath. It’s a handy and time-saving feature if you expect a lot of debris to accumulate in the area.

cattle guard with a removable box

Cattle Guard Foundations and Footings

one of the most time-consuming portions of installing a cattle guard is the necessity of creating a solid foundation to transfer weight to the ground. We are now able to ship precast concrete footings with cattle guards directly to the job site.

cattle guard footings

Installation is easy. Lower the concrete directly into the ground to provide structural support. They are large and heavy items that require a mechanical means of unloading upon arrival. They are quite a bit heavier than the cattle guards themselves.

The foundations have precast anchor bolts included to match the flat top rail cattle guards that they ship with. This allows you to bolt them down directly in the field without any drilling at all.

cattle guard foundations

Snow Plow Strips

Snow plows can be damaging to a steel crossing. Install plow strips in heavy snow areas so they may cross over the guard with minimal interference and wear.

cattle guard with snow plow strips welded on

ATV cattle guards

The off-road cattle crossings are very unique. You to simply set them in the middle of your fence line and tie your fencing to the vertical posts. It sets directly on the ground and the raised rails create a formidable livestock barrier.atv on a cattle guard crossing
Barn World has a cattle guard to meet your needs. Please call us (720) 238-2190 with your questions and to obtain shipping quotes. We can also provide professional bid packages for large company, military, and government programs and carry a large selection for all of your livestock equipment needs.

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2 thoughts on “Cattle Guard Options

  1. Hello! Is there a way to create a narrow path for humans/dogs to walk over the cattle guard? They are not being installed to keep in livestock, but as a deterrent to speeders in a small community HOA, with a narrow, single lane, dirt road. A lot of folks walk, walk dogs, and some run. Possibly simply walking around the edge might work if there were no wings. We snow plow in winter, so can’t use speed bumps. Trying to find a creative, workable, solution… I lived in NW MT for 44 years, so cattle guards suddenly came to mind. Now in Rhode Island, with perhaps a different use/need! 🙂 Thanks for your ideas and time! Kendra

    • You could weld a flat strip of metal or place a board across the top of the rails for foot traffic, but that’s not a service or option we provide. A more traditional means of crossing would be to put a gate in the fence line next to the guard if the site allows. It would be safer for walkers and bikers.

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