Cattle Guards for Various Animals

Cattle guards are pretty specific to cows.  They keep cows in.  The spacing of the grid is wide enough for a cow’s foot to fall in and the vast majority of cows will not risk the crossing.  If you have horses, you need a gate.  While some ranchers have reported success using a double wide cattle guard for horses, the risk of one getting its foot stuck and breaking a leg is there. Many horses can also jump over a standard cattle guard

cattle guard with deer fence

cattle guard with deer fence


If you have dogs, you need a gate.  Dogs can walk across the cattle grid with no problem at all.

If you want to keep out wild animals, you have to make some choices.  Cattle guards work fine for antelope.  Antelope don’t jump like deer do and will not cross a standard 6 or 7 foot cattle guard.  To make a deer guard or a cattle grid for mountain goats, you must bolt two standard cattle grids together for a width of 12 to 14 feet. You must also fence along the entire edge of the cattle guard or the deer will walk right across at the end.  You cannot use this method for regular goats.  A domestic goat will walk across a cattle guard just like a dog.

Cattle guards will not keep out feral hogs.  You must have a fence and a good gate to keep them out – they are crafty and can usually find a way in if they really want to.  Call BarnWorld farm and ranch super store at 720-238-2190.

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