Cattle Guard Shipping and Delivery

From a shipping perspective, cattle guards are very, very heavy and therefore expensive to ship. They are usually shipped by a freight company on a semi truck. Cattle guards can either be shipped inside a box trailer or on a flatbed trailer. If you buy a cattle guard with wings that are welded on prior to shipping, it must be shipped on a flatbed trailer.  Since cattle guards with welded wings do not stack well with anything else, they are much more expensive to ship.  Consider buying a cattle guard with bolt-on wings.  Cattle guards with bolt-on wings can be shipped by either flat bed or box trailer and stack nicely.  The bolt on feature may cost a bit more than welded wings but you will more than make up for it on lower shipping costs.

Make sure you have the ability to unload the cattle guard from the trailer when you arrange your delivery date.  The freight trucks do not have any kind of un-loader.  You must have a forklift or front end loader ready to take the cattle guard off the truck when it arrives.

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