Saddle Pads from Barn World


5 Star saddle pads from Barn World

Barn World carries the highest quality saddle pads available.  All of the equine pads we offered are one-hundred percent wool and are uniquely designed to ensure they provide the best in saddle pad performance and comfort for both you and your equine partner.
Check out this video from the owner of 5 Star detailing how much quality goes into a 5 Star saddle pad and why it is so much better than the competition’s and remember to visit for all your livestock supply needs.

From the video:
A lot of gimmicks can be strapped under a saddle to get one benefit or another, but man has yet to create a product that outperforms virgin wool, and over the long haul, virgin wool content felt pads will outperform any other type of pad or blanket hands down.  5 stars 100% percent wool contoured saddle pads conform immediately to your horse’s back for perfect fit.  Our F-11 wool felt has the highest virgin wool content available and offers 3 times more compression protection and wicking ability than any other pad on the market.
While the importance of compression protection is pretty clear given the dominance of rubber, bubble wrap and space age jelly saddle pads today, only high quality wool felt offers great compression protection while simultaneously wicking away moisture.  That wicking action is the means by which heat is dissipated under the pressure of the saddle.  The best compression protection, coupled with the best wicking ability, translates to the best performance from your equine partner.
When you consider the amount of money one might spend on feed, tack, vet bills and entry fees to pursue your equine passion, a saddle pad with all the ingredients for maximum performance is essential.
While the big ships full of cheap goods leave a toxic trail all the way from Los Angeles to China and back, 5 Star is producing the highest quality products right here in the USA.


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