Saddle Pad Overview Video, there’s a lot to choose from

Saddle pad overview video


Barn World carries a large selection of saddle pads 5 Star equine as well as cinches and breast collars. We also have sheepskin saddle pads and covers for horse tack protection and equine style.  All of the cinches and breast collars we offer are made from 100% mohair and provide the maximum amount of comfort, performance and durability.

Our wool saddle pad selection is made from more virgin wool than any other 100% wool pad.  This allows for 3 times the compression protection than synthetic neoprene pads and gives more even weight distribution and impact absorption.  These 100% wool pads offer 4 times the wicking ability to eliminate moisture and heat buildup to provide riding comfort and protection for both horse and rider.  It it also allows for soft and durable easy cleanup.

When looking through a variety of saddle pad styles and types available I came across a neat little video from Equestrian Neightion, a nice play on words, on YouTube by Howcast.  It  gives a quick overview and basic overview of the different types of saddle pads available.  Check it out here:



Types of saddle pads

Saddle pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each has a specific use or function.  Selecting the right equipment will ensure that both you and your horse or pony will be comfortable and prepared to work.

Here are some common options:

Contoured or shaped pads – made of fleece or sheep skin, these pads are cut to the saddle shape and are used for horse showing and Hunter and equitaion classes.

Square pads – are popular for dressage, and are permissible for jumpers and cross-country.  Examples of these pads include aroma pad, an ideal choice for everyday riding.  This is an all-purpose pad used with both saddles and can be used in competition.

Baby pad – a lightweight every day schooling pad often used in conjunction with corrective pads.

Corrective pads – typically used in addition to another saddle pad.

Gel pad – reduces impact and shock to the horses back providing a cushion between saddle pad and horse.

Riser pad – creates added lift for the back of the saddle.

Half pad – provides protective cushioning, impact absorption and uniform weight distribution of the saddle.

Cashel pad – relieves pressure points on the horses back and withers.

Wither pad – provides back protection by relieving pressure on the spine.

Bareback pad – used for casual riding without a saddle.  The bareback pad allows for a comfortable area where the writer can sit.  The pad also provides a less slippery alternative that sitting directly on the horses back


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