Poly Grain Bins Have Some Advantages over Metal Bins

Poly Bulk Grain Bins have a lot of advantages over the traditional metal grain bin designs. Consider a poly den when making your next purchase decision.

metal grain bins  large poly grain bin

Bulk grain storage is a necessity when working with large quantities of feed. Traditional metal grain bins been around for decades and are traditionally thought of as the standard in the industry. New polyethylene materials have made the plastic grain bin design a stout competitor to metal.

Benefits of a Poly Grain Bin

Large poly grain bins are a great choice for handling high moisture materials such as soybeans and corn. The high density polyethylene is translucent so unlike its metal counterpart, you may see the levels remaining in the bin at a quick glance.

The walls are created with a UV treated, high density material that is 3/16 inches thick. It will never corrode and is impervious to rusting you can expect long life out of these bins.

The simple assembly is also major improvement over the metal grain bin design. Typically, the metal bins are made up of corrugated sheets of steel that require many nuts and bolts to assemble. This poly design includes one upper and lower section that bolt together in the middle. It’s like putting one ice cream cone on top of another and makes assembly quick and easy.

Assembled Grain Bin

assembled grain bin with section identification  assembled poly grain bin

This design also creates a smooth interior wall all the way to the hopper which helps reduce bridging. The lack of bolts coming through to the interior of the bin eliminates any flow issues.

Grain Bin Options

These large bins are of course available with an optional auger system is a mechanical means of unloading is required. The auger attaches to a collar and unloading boot just like the metal bins. Auger lengths go all the way up to 6 inches in diameter and a maximum of 21 feet in length.

They come standard with a ladder, a ground operated bin lid and the choice of manual slide valves if desired.

When buying a new, take a look at our poly grain bins and let us know if we can put together a quote for your review.

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