Mini feed bins hold more than just grain

Feed bins from Barn World

These feed bins are ideal for use as feed bins, storing corn for burning stoves, various grain pellets, bulk seed, or anything you need saved and easily dispensed. They come with a hopper collar and slide valve for easy dispensing.

Mini Feed Bins from Barn World offer hobby farmers a great feed bin storage option.

mini feed bin

Small Feed Bin Details

  • With the increasing popularity of corn-burning stoves, the mini bin offers a solution for storing the corn needed to burn those stoves
  • Ideal as a feed bin for small hobby farms
  • Works well for range cubes – approx. 3/4″ round and 2″ long
  • Feed bin has a 40 bushel or 2,240 lbs capacity
  • Protects feed from moisture and bugs
  • Feed bin is constructed of galvanized steel
  • Load feed through the lid on top of the bin
  • This mini feed bin weighs 211 Lbs.
  • 5′ diameter, 8′ tall

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