Wean-to-Finish Pig Feeder: Gravity to On-demand Automatically!

A Wean-to-Finish Feeder: The Fast Start Pig Feeder – Gravity to On-demand Automatically!

Technological advancements in pig and hog feeders continue to transform traditional farming practices. One such innovation making waves in the industry is the Osborne Fast Start Wean-to-Finish Pig Feeder. This cutting-edge feeder changes from a gravity feeder pig feeder to an on-demand hog feeder automatically! You only need one feeder to raise an animal through its entire life, from piglet to market hog. It not only streamlines the feeding process but also proves to be a game-changer in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and labor reduction for pig farmers.

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Automatic Hog Feeder Benefits:

The money-saving secret to this feeder is its ability to change from a gravity Pig Feeder when the pigs are too small for an on-demand wheel, to the money-saving on-demand feature automatically when they’re ready for a Hog Feeder and big enough to use the trough feeder wheel. No manual adjustments or changes are necessary as the feeder will convert all on its own!
Gravity to On-demand Feeding

This feeder starts as a gravity flow feeder when your pigs are little and too small to turn the on-demand feed wheel at the bottom of the trough. This always keeps food available and in front of them when they’re too young and small to use the wheel.

gravity pig feeder to ondemand hog feeder

As they grow older, put on some weight, and can move the feed wheel, the feeder automatically converts from free-flowing gravity dispensing to an on-demand-only feeder. The new converted system will only allow grain to enter the trough area when the pigs call for it which saves a lot of money in waste as the pigs grow into hogs!

This new setup releases food only when called for by the animals and will carry them as they grow into market-weight hogs. By minimizing feed waste and optimizing feed conversion, the Osborne Fast Start Feeder creates substantial cost savings. Precision feeding technology ensures that each pig always has access to food with minimal waste. This keeps profits high without any additional labor!

See the video below for a demonstration

pig to hog feeding conversion


The feed wheel at the bottom of the trough has paddles that can help keep the trough clean and free from wet excess food collection and residual water. As the pigs nudge and turn the wheel to call for food, the paddles sweep across the bottom of the trough to help keep it free of accumulated leftover food. They are literally cleaning their own feeder as they eat!

Cost Savings

The automatic transition from gravity feeding to a waste-minimizing on-demand feeder will continue to provide food but without the additional waste seen in gravity feeders when used with large hogs. During the transition, the automatic feeder changeover promotes better growth with less food loss by keeping feed available only when called for. This not only reduces wasted grain, but it shortens the time it takes to bring pigs up to market weight and enhances the overall health and well-being of the animals. All this while saving you time and money!

User-Friendly Design:

The feeder is designed with the farmer in mind, featuring user-friendly controls and easy maintenance. The straightforward interface allows farmers to move the feeder from gravity to on-demand automatically and at exactly the right time. It’s an automated money-saving transition without the need for any additional labor or attention.

Personal Story:

To illustrate the impact of the Osborne Fast Start Wean-to-Finish Pig Feeder on a typical operation, let’s consider the hypothetical story of a farmer named John.

Before incorporating the Osborne feeder into his operation, John spent countless hours manually distributing and cleaning up excess feed while constantly monitoring his pigs’ consumption. His gravity feeders simply released food all the time which led to increased play waste as his pigs grew larger and larger. The waste created a mess, became labor-intensive to clean up, and created a large hole in his bottom line.

Not only was money down the drain, but he had to have a pig feeder and a separate hog feeder to accommodate his animals as they grew. Two feeders were needed to raise one animal.

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Where to buy a Fast-Start Feeder

For those interested in reaping the benefits of the Osborne Fast Start Wean-to-Finish Pig Feeder, consider BarnWorld.com as a reliable, economical, and responsive source. The online platform offers a range of farm and ranch products, including a wide selection of pig and hog feeders, with detailed product information and customer reviews to aid in the decision-making process.

The Osborne Fast Start Wean-to-Finish Pig Feeder represents a significant leap forward in swine farming technology. Its precision feeding, labor-saving features, cost efficiency, and user-friendly design make it a must-have for modern pig farmers looking to enhance their operations.

By investing in this innovative feeder, farmers will streamline their feeding processes with the automatic gravity to on-demand feeding feature, but also save time and labor all the way through when their full gown hogs go to market.

Fast Start Pig Feeder Video

BarnWorld.com is happy to help through email (Sales@BarnWorld.com) or by phone (720) 238-2190.

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