Cattle Guards can be an effective livestock barrier

Barn World now carries a ‘basic class’ of cattle guard for private farm and ranch use.  They provide the same strength and longevity as an American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) rated guard, but without the cost.

different cattle guard styles

The basic class was designed with the private drive and rancher in mind.  Allowing for easy access to your property while eliminating the need for gates, these cattle guards give open access to your land and keep the livestock where they belong.  It’s built from heavy duty structural .188 (3/16″) walled pipe with a diameter of 3.5″ or 4.5″ depending on availability or request.  Note that the walls of the basic guards are thicker then schedule 40 ensuring years of durability and strength.

These cattle grids or are capped on the end to prevent any rusting and are also offered with wings, flat or boxed if so desired.  There is no difference in strength between the boxed cattle guard and the flat cattle guards.

All of our cattle guards weigh about 100 lbs. per foot (a 10′ cattle guard weighs about 1,000 Lbs.) and when boxed, add approximately 8 lbs. per foot for boxed cattle guards.  Cattle guard wings add approximately 200 lbs. total.

For use with deer, it will be necessary to increase the distance in the direction of travel.  Deer are terrific jumpers and will be able to leap an 8′ cattle guard without any trouble.  In that case,  you may need to place two cattle guards in tandem so you have 16 feet of protection. Cattle guards are easily bolted together and can provide an effective deterrent for deer.

If you have any questions about cattle guards, please call (720) 238-2190 or visit us at Please consider Barn World for all your livestock equipment needs.


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