Cattle Guards: A Rancher’s Story

Let me tell you about a lesson I learned the hard way on my ranch. I’ve been tending to my cattle for as long as I can remember, and while it’s a tough job, it’s one I love.

a cattle guard installed in a roadway

My Cattle Guard Story

There’s always been a gate at the entrance that’s meant to keep my herd safe and secure. It wasn’t until an incident with a power company that I realized the true value of installing a cattle guard.

With right-of-way access granted to the company for the routine inspection of the transmission lines at the back of my land, I had workings coming through the gate about once a year. They don’t schedule with me in advance and typically show up and are gone before I know they’re around. The line workers open and close the gate as needed and I never really gave an open gate much thought.

This year was different.

When they accessed the property, they guys didn’t latch the gate properly, or maybe at all on their way out.  It was a week later I was running the fence line on the ATV and came across the open gate.

I closed it behind me and drove through the pasture looking for the herd but it was empty.  They had wandered off into the neighboring forest.

Rounding up cattle in dense and hilly forests isn’t an easy feat, let me tell you. It took me and a handful of extra hands on ATVs two days to track them down, load them on the trailer, and back to where they belonged. Needless to say, I was furious. It was a headache, a heartache, and a whole lot of hard work.

Well, that experience lit a fire under me, and I decided I needed a foolproof solution to prevent it from happening again. That’s when I discovered the magic of cattle guards. I installed them at both ranch entrances and it’s been a game-changer! With the pre-cast concrete foundations delivered right to the site, the installation was very simple. Here are some pictures from the project.

cattle guard and foundations ready for installation picture of the top of the cattle guards

cattle guard foundations

Now, I can give access to whoever needs it without worrying about my cattle making a run for it. The ease of access is incredible, and it’s a relief not to constantly fret about whether a gate has been properly latched or not. It’s like having a reliable extra pair of eyes watching over my herd.

If you’re a rancher like me, and you’ve ever had the misfortune of chasing after runaway cattle, I’ve got a piece of advice for you – invest in some quality cattle guards. I got mine from, and they’ve got great customer service (Ron I think?) and a selection that suits all kinds of needs. Trust me; it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Don’t wait until you’re herding cattle through the woods to realize the value of a good cattle guard.

Head over to (720) 238-2190 and they’ll help secure your peace of mind. Happy ranching, y’all!


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