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 Cattle Guards:  A Cattle Guard for all your livestock control needs!!

Barn World carries rated cattle guards for public highways and road construction project in addition to private property use cattle guards.

Rated Cattle Guards
Rated Cattle Guards are available in four different certified load ratings. These cattle guards are intended for use on public highways or for heavy off-road equipment.
The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) provides guidelines for cattle guards with maximum load ratings. AASHTO load ratings are suitable for all types of applications including heavy duty logging roads.

AASHTO Design Specifications

Our HS20 rated cattle guards are made from schedule 40 steel and come in a variety of sizes to fit various cattle guard projects. We can alter the design of our cattle guards to use different kinds of pipe and rail depending on your needs. We have used round pipe, square rail, I-beam and other types of rail and channel to make rated cattle guards that are suitable for all public crossings.

Barn World HS20 rated cattle guards conform to AASHTO load rating requirement by type of truck and maximum axle load. Our rated cattle guards come with an engineer’s stamp and are certified to meet the AASHTO load ratings so you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality cattle guard.

Barn World also carries economical cattle guards designed for private use:

Private Use Cattle Guards
It’s best to start with the load rating requirements for your project. Cattle guards come in several different rated and non-rated designs. For private driveway use, we recommend the basic cattle guard as the most economical option.

Basic cattle guards are a heavy duty structural .188 (3/16″) walled pipe with a diameter of 3.5″ or 4.5″ depending on availability or request. Note that the walls of the basic guards are thicker then schedule 40.

Standard cattle guards are another option for private driveway or ranch use. The standard cattle guards are made with new .113 walled steel pipe.

And to complete the cattle guard selection, we also offer a very versatile ATV Cattle Guard.

ATV Cattle Guard

Call Barn World with your questions and plans to get quotes on HS20 rated cattle guards at 720-238-2190.



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