HS20 Cattle Guards for Public Roads

Barn World Has HS20 Certified Cattle Guards for Public Roads
Barn World makes superior HS20 rated cattle guards for public roads and highways. Our HS20 rated cattle guards are made from schedule 40 steel and come in a variety of sizes to fit various cattle guard projects. We can alter the design of our cattle guards to use different kinds of pipe and rail depending on your needs. We have used round pipe, square rail, I-beam and other types of rail and channel to make rated cattle guards that are suitable for all public crossings.
Barn World HS20 rated cattle guards conform to AASHTO load rating requirement by type of truck and maximum axle load. Our rated cattle guards come with an engineer’s stamp and are certified to meet the AASHTO load ratings so you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality cattle guard. Call Barn World with your questions and plans to get quotes on HS20 rated cattle guards at 720-238-2190.

Cattle guards are available in many different styles and designs and the proper load-carrying capacity is critical for an effective crossing. Too much capacity is not economical while not enough can be catastrophic.

Cattle Guard Ratings

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) establishes the required cattle crossing requirements for use in public roadways. Below is a brief chart of load ratings:

Cattle Guard Load Ratings
H-15 (12 tons per axle)
H-20 (16 tons per axle)
U-54 (25 tons per axle)
U-80 (30 tons per axle)

There are many different calculations that go into establishing each required rating. The distance between axles of the vehicle play an important role in the stress that is imparted on the support structure below. This is further complicated by the passing of two heavy vehicles on the same guard.

For a glimpse into how complicated they can be, see the pdf calculations used by the State of Minnesota by clicking here! The numerous factors that are involved in a safe crossing have lead to a national load rating that simplifies the public roadway requirements for contractors.


Public Use Cattle Guard Ratings

The minimum requirement for most public roadways is the HS-20, 16 ton per axle capacity. The AASHTO provides guidelines for structural designs for use within highway boundaries. It was created in 1914 to provide guidelines for the design of structures within highway boundaries.

The highway rated guards are available in both round top rail and flat configurations.

Flat Top Rail Cattle Guards

The term flat, refers only to the very top of the rail and is designed to provide a smoother crossing for higher speed traffic. Below, you can see the picture of the rails used.

cattle guard with flat rails on a concrete foundation

This guard creates large gaps that create a physical barrier to flat-hoofed cattle. The distance between the rails won’t allow livestock to balance their hooves enough to put weight on their leg. This prevents them from even trying to cross.

They are an effective design and provide a more comfortable ride for cars and trucks while crossing.

Cattle Guard with Round Top Rails

The HS20-rated round rail guards are more economical than the flat. They’re very popular around the country and are typically used in slower traffic areas.

The design features not only the spacing between the rails as a deterrent, but the round top rail is a deterrent on it’s own. The rounded surface won’t allow a flat hoof to easily balance on it. This creates extremely uncomfortable and treacherous footing hoofed animals and they won’t put any weight on their hoofs due to the instability.

cattle guard with round top rails

Cattle Guard Sizes

Barn World offers a large selection of both round and flat top rail options. Most are available in a 6′ or 8′ distance in the direction of travel. The guards can be bolted side-by-side or end-to-end for extra length or widths. They are designed for public highway use and confirm to the AASHTO load rating requirements

If we can help plan your project or forward a quote for your review, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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